Our Entrepreneurs

The NHS CEP programme aims to empower healthcare staff to develop and learn. Our one year programme, fits around your work and includes mentoring, events, workshops and professional development to help you achieve your goals.

We are open to all NHS staff; from doctors to administrators; pharmacists and nurses to IT support. meet some of #OurEntrepreneurs..

Photo of Saif Ahmad Saif Ahmad Clinical Oncologist and Co-Founder 52 North

In 2018, Saif co-founded 52 North Health, a Cambridge-based start-up which is developing ‘NeutroCheck’: a novel, point-of-care medical device that aims to transform the management of patients receiving anticancer chemotherapy. The NeutroCheck device uses finger-prick blood to accurately identify patients at risk of life threatening neutropenic sepsis – a condition that
kills two to three patients per day in England alone. NeutroCheck has the potential to improve the clinical outcomes of cancer patients and reduce the emergence of antibiotic resistance, whilst also saving healthcare providers, such as the NHS, tens of millions of pounds by preventing unnecessary emergency admissions.

NeutroCheck has been supported by a number of grants including Innovate UK, and in 2020 it was awarded £1 million from SBRI Healthcare to work with NHS Trusts, Macmillan Cancer Support and the UK Sepsis Trust to support clinical trials and adoption.

Visit 52 North Site

Photo of Sabrina Ahmed Sabrina Ahmed Doctor

Sabrina Ahmed is a General Practice Registrar with a degree in Psychology.

Sabrina along side fellow entrepreneur Stuart Foster have developed Monitree – a financial wellbeing app.

“Monitree makes the NHS a better and more rewarding place to work. It empowers staff to make smarter financial decisions and save money by collating all money-related information in one place, written clearly, in an easily accessible format.

Better financial wellbeing improves the morale and mental health of the workforce and increases productivity, recruitment and retention for the employer.”

Monitree app is about to trial across Mid and South Essex ICS as part of the MSE Innovation Fellowship Programme.

Visit the Monitree app website

Photo of Azeem Alam Azeem Alam Doctor and Founder of Bite Medicine

I am a medical doctor by background currently working as a Digital Health Clinician at Cera, one of the fastest-growing health tech start-ups in Europe aiming to predict and prevent hospitalisations of patients cared for at home utilising artificial intelligence.

#OurEntrepreneurs:Azeem Alam

Prior to this I worked as an Academic Foundation Doctor in London with an interest in academic surgery and anaesthesia and founded an education technology start-up, BiteMedicine. Through the BiteMedicine platform, we provided educational resources and mentoring to 100,000 students during the pandemic, culminating in my inclusion in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List 2021.

Photo of Tim Allardyce Tim Allardyce First Contact Physiotherapist

As Clinical Director at The Surrey Physio Group, Tim led the development of ‘Rehab Me’ and ‘Rehab My Patient’ with a specialist team of Physios. Additionally, Tim has been a physiotherapist at 6 Olympic games with a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and a Bachelors in Osteopathy.

Case Study: Tim Allardyce

Photo of George Ampat George Ampat Doctor and Founder of Free from Pain

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and founder of ‘Free From Pain’ Dr George Ampat is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and clinical teacher based at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals, specialising in the non-operative management of musculoskeletal conditions.
In line with this speciality, Dr Ampat founded ‘Free From Pain’, a functional rehabilitation programme to help older patients with hip, knee, back and neck pain.
The programme combines the benefits of Therapeutic Neuroscience Education with exercises, allowing patients to self-manage their musculoskeletal conditions.
Dr Ampat wishes to introduce the ‘Free From Pain’ programme to the NHS and is seeking an Integrated Care Board willing to collaborate to begin a trial within the North West of England.

Visit Free from Pain website

Photo of Amir Amraie Amir Amraie NHS Primary Care Pharmacist

I am a UK registered Pharmacist currently practicing within the NHS in primary care; I am Chief Operations Officer of Crowd Funded Cures, where I am working on a solution to a pharmaceutical problem that has the potential to help and improve the health and life of a billion people. I am also a technical writer in health and science, and I also help venture capitalists and investors with technical due diligence in the fields of biotech, pharmaceutics, medicine, and the intersection where technology meets with health biology and the integration and procurement of care. I am a well-researched follower of new technology developments and the use cases for advancing healthcare. I follow and partake in the Web 3.0 and de-sci space which I find exciting and emerging.

#OurEntrepreneurs: Amir Amraie

Photo of Waheed Arian Waheed Arian Doctor

Waheed Arian is a former Afghan refugee who is now an NHS A&E doctor, author of the bestselling memoir In the Wars, founder of the pioneering charity Arian Teleheal and the innovative mental health startup Arian Wellbeing.
As an adviser, he helps global organizations and governments with the development of innovations in their healthcare systems to reduce inequalities and provide inclusive high-quality services.
Waheed was appointed in 2019 to the WHO Roster of Digital Health Experts. Recognized as a UNESCO Global Hope Hero and a UN Global Goals Goalkeeper, in 2021 he was named Doctor of the Year in the Who Cares Wins Awards and chosen by The Times as Person of the Year. In 2023, he was appointed as The Times health commissioner to review the NHS crisis.

Visit Waheed’s website

Photo of Okantan Ayeh Okantan Ayeh Clinical Pharmacist

I am a pharmacist passionate about innovating to improve people’s lives and health. I have experience working in both hospital and community pharmacy, working on innovative quality improvement projects such as online prescription ordering and workforce management.

#OurEntrepreneurs: Okantan Ayeh

Photo of Patrice Baptiste Patrice Baptiste GP

I work as a portfolio GP which means that I spend a proportion of my time working as a GP and pursuing other careers and interests. Some of these include (both past and present roles): reviewing and interpreting blood results at The London Medical Laboratory, designing educational content as a MSc programme lead and lecturer at The College of Medicine and Dentistry, teaching and examining medical students, writing such as articles for GP Online, work with Scion publishing (currently working on a book about GP portfolio careers) and research most recently focusing on medical education in line with my work at Medschool Xtra.

Our Entrepreneurs: Patrice Baptiste

Photo of Krupa Bhalsod Krupa Bhalsod Doctor

am an acute medicine ST6 training in northwest London, with a specialty interest on obstetric medicine. I completed my undergraduate training at Imperial College School of Medicine. I completed a year of training in obstetric medicine and have co-authored a book in this specialty. I was introduced to innovation during my cardiology placement and, whilst I am only just dipping my toe in the water, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Our Entrepreneurs: Krupa Bhalsod

Photo of Sotirios Bisdas Sotirios Bisdas Consultant Neuroradiologist

I am Consultant Neuroradiologist, Clinical and MRI Lead in the Department of Neuroradiology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, Associate Professor in Neuroradiology at the University College London, Professor of Radiology at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen (Germany), and Adjunct Professor of Neuroradiology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Our Entrepreneurs: Sotirios Bisdas

Photo of Prateek Biyani Prateek Biyani Specialty Doctor in Maxillofacial Surgery and Associate Dentist

I graduated from dental school in 2016 and have a strong passion for education. I have developed numerous education resources for dental students and dentists.  

#OurEntrepreneurs: Prateek Biyani

Photo of Rachel Brown Rachel Brown Consultant Psychiatrist

I am a consultant psychiatrist in a crisis team in Edinburgh and co-founder of MetPsy, an online service for metabolic mental health coaching. I published a book in 2022 regarding the connections between metabolic health and mental health. Metabolic psychiatry is my primary interest and passion.

Our Entrepreneurs: Rachel Brown

Photo of Roselyn Bunhu Roselyn Bunhu Midwife

Roselyn has over 10 years of midwifery experience, working on the labour and postnatal wards within the NHS. She has been on the CEP programme for two years developing her innovation idea.
When hearing about the MBRACE statistics of Black women dying in childbirth back in 2019, she became passionate about providing a space specifically designed for Black women during their pregnancy journey. This will be a webapp to give 24-hour accessto additional resources, nutrition focused on cultural foods, exercise, parent education, mental wellbeing and creating a community to grow their own support network.

Photo of Lucrezia Cester Lucrezia Cester AI Clinical Scientist

Lucrezia Cester holds a PhD in AI and biomedical technologies and is appointed as an AI Engineer at Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust.
Lucrezia is also co-founder of Light-Hearted AI, a company dedicated to revolutionising cardiovascular diseases (CVD) screening. The NHS Long Term Plan has identified CVDs as the single biggest condition where lives can be saved, because if detected in time symptoms can be managed to improve quality of life and increase lifespan by starting optimised medication early. However currently only symptomatic patients are referred to a cardiologist, which is the equivalent of waiting for cancer to get to stage 4 before starting treatment. Lucrezia aims to fix this by proposing Light-Hearted AI, a novel, cheap and touch-free CVDs diagnostic and monitoring device.

Photo of Biswajit Chakrabarti Biswajit Chakrabarti Physician and Lead of Clinical Development at LungHealth

“Biswajit was appointed as a Consultant Respiratory Physician in 2008 at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust. In 2018 Biswajit was named In the ‘Top 70 NHS Stars’ as part of a national poll launched by the NHS, to honour individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to patient care, services and local communities over the last 70 years.

Together with his colleagues at LungHealth, Biswajit realised that year upon year, healthcare professionals were faced with an increasing number of complex clinical guidelines. However, this approach of simply disseminating paper-based guidelines in the expectation of improving care did not appear to translate into improved patient outcomes resulting in considerable variation in the delivery of care. This prompted LungHealth to design clinical decision support systems with the clinical guidelines and the experience of multiple specialists embedded into intelligent algorithms thus enabling the software
to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and prompt guideline-based therapy thus truly addressing healthcare inequality. The LungHealth software systems are clinically validated with multiple peer reviewed publications and are in active use in multiple localities within the NHS in both primary and secondary care settings. This resulted in the LungHealth systems being cited in the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) Respiratory Report 2021 and showcased at the World Expo in Dubai as examples of technological innovation aiming to transform patient care pathways globally.”

Visit the Lung Health website

Photo of Michaela Coker Michaela Coker Social Prescribing – Link Worker

Michaela has nine years of frontline experience working in Primary Care in various patient-centred roles including reception management and primary care navigation.
Since 2019, she has been committed to social prescribing in public health working collaboratively in the voluntary, community, social enterprise and the NHS.

Her vast understanding of personalised care encouraged her to lead on several initiatives that benefit patients such as the Thriving Streatham wellbeing hub founded in October 2021.

Photo of Peter Cosgrove Peter Cosgrove Consultant Physician

I am a Consultant Physician in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Northern Ireland Specialist Transport & Retrieval (NISTAR) working at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. I retain Specialist Registration in Ireland, the UK and Board Certification in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine in the US. I moved home to Northern Ireland in 2020 after working as Consultant in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Instructor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. We aim to give our five children the same outstanding opportunities I received growing up in Northern Ireland. In Belfast I provide direct patient care and simultaneous clinical instruction to trainees at all levels. My remaining efforts are spent in academic pursuits that centre on educational and research efforts focused on resuscitation, procedural sedation as well as a number of translational research activities.

#OurEntrepreneurs: Peter Cosgrove

Photo of Alexander Davey Alexander Davey ED Doctor

Hello my name is Sandy! I am an anaesthetist by training and intensivist by substantive appointment. With the COVID pandemic I have also become an ED doctor! I have been exploring innovation in digital health technology from an early point in my career. Following a successful project to demonstrate machine learning use in predicting patient deterioration I formed Digital Care Systems with an experienced data scientist. Our mission is to enhance patient outcomes with data-driven digital health technology solutions.

#OurEntrepreneurs: Alexander Davey

Photo of Helen Davies-Cox Helen Davies-Cox Nurse and Head of Personal Care 

Helen Davies-Cox, a nurse with over 30 years’ experience and Head of Personalised Care at Torbay and Devon NHS Trust.

Case Study: Helen Davies-Cox

Photo of Frank Davis Frank Davis Medical Student

I am an incoming specialised foundation doctor at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton. I enjoy playing football and have captained the medical school’s team. I also host ‘The Surgical Society Podcast’ where I interview influential surgeons. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive and I’m passionate about developing solutions from the inside of the NHS.

Our Entrepreneurs: Frank Davis

Photo of Maame Esi Dekyewa Yankah Maame Esi Dekyewa Yankah Chef and Venture Studio from Crisis Entrepreneur

Maame Esi started her career studying Environmental Management at Imperial College, London. Now, as the founder of “By Maame” she is showcasing West African culture on a plate and educating others on the history and health benefits of this cuisine as well as highlighting other ways we can communicate with food. .

Mamme Esi is one of our Venture Studio from Crisis entrepreneurs.

Our Entrepreneurs: Maame Esi

Photo of Benyamin Deldar Benyamin Deldar Doctor and Co-Founder of Deep Medical

Dr Benyamin Deldar is cofounder of Deep Medical, a machine learning company looking at understanding predicting behaviours around healthcare engagement.

Deep Medical has developed algorithms predicting non-attendances to different healthcare appointments at 92% AUC. Since forming their business in March 2021, Ben and his co-founder have secured pilots across a population of five million patients in the UK with aims of increasing outpatient utilisation by 10% and hence reducing the national backlog.

Alongside the operational solutions, Deep Medical is also invested in understanding the clinical implications of non-attendance. Deep Medical has partnered with NHS Health Inequalities and Anglia Ruskin University to understand and develop targeted messaging platforms to encourage individuals up the scale of engagement on their patient journey.

Visit Deep Medical website

Photo of Akash Doshi Akash Doshi Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialist Registrar

Hi, I’m a Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialist Registrar with a keen interest in food, coding & medical education. I’m the founder of mindthebleep.com – a free medical education platform.

#OurEntrepreneurs: Akash Doshi

Photo of Frances Duffy Frances Duffy Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I am a consultant clinical psychologist working in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT), Northern Ireland. 

My clinical work is in older people’s mental health and includes diagnosis of dementia, post diagnostic support and specialist rehabilitation in delirium. I work with colleagues on regional and national committees to improve the experience and quality of life of older people and people living with dementia, including the Northern Ireland Regional Dementia Improvement Collaborative who produced the Regional Dementia Care Pathway. 

#OurEntrepreneurs: Frances Duffy

Photo of Harry Fitzpatrick Harry Fitzpatrick

Hi my name is Harry, I am a medical doctor currently working in the NHS. I have a keen interest in mental health and meditation and have been meditating for over a decade.

Our Entrepreneurs: Harry Fitzpatrick

Photo of Stuart Foster Stuart Foster Doctor

Stuart Foster is an Emergency Medicine Registrar with a degree in Economics and Management Sciences.

Stuart alongside fellow entrepreneur Sabrina Ahmed have developed Monitree – a financial wellbeing app.

“Monitree makes the NHS a better and more rewarding place to work. It empowers staff to make smarter financial decisions and save money by collating all money-related information in one place, written clearly, in an easily accessible format.

Better financial wellbeing improves the morale and mental health of the workforce and increases productivity, recruitment and retention for the employer.”

Monitree app is about to trial across Mid and South Essex ICS as part of the MSE Innovation Fellowship Programme.

Photo of Deb Gompertz Deb Gompertz Complex Care GP

Dr Deb Gompertz, is a complex Care GP, and the Clinical Lead for South Somerset Complex Care, who joined the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme in 2021. As a former Population Health Fellow her focus is person centered care, collaborative working and changing practices with environmental impact..

Photo of Nick Gompertz Nick Gompertz Doctor

I have been a NHS doctor for 30 years, and GP for 21 years (19 as a GP partner) at Bruton Surgery in Somerset. Over the last 4 years I have been developing The EarSwitch in my spare time and incorporated the company in Dec 2019. EarSwitch was originally designed to help address health inequalities by allowing people with severe neuro-disabilities, such as motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy, and locked-in syndrome to communicate from within their earphones. This idea was inspired by a 13-year-old who is non-verbal with cerebral palsy who wrote a book, by gazing, one letter at a time on a Perspex “spelling board”; entitled “Eye Can Write”.

#OurEntrepreneurs: Nick Gompertz
case Study Ear Switch

Photo of Martin Gossling Martin Gossling Head of Commercial Innovation

I initially trained as a product designer in the early 1980’s which led me into a 30-year career in advanced materials and electronics, working for organisations such as Motorola. I then progressed to a career in digital movement analysis resulting in the development of a wearable medical device for use in orthopaedics. This focus enabled me to join the Royal Institute of Medicine as a senior associate member in 2017.

Our Entrepreneurs: Martin Gossling

Photo of Rachael Grimaldi Rachael Grimaldi Anaesthetic Registrar and Co Founder of CardMedic

Rachael is currently a practicing senior anaesthetic registrar in advanced paediatric anaesthetics at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, following which she will be a Consultant Anaesthetist.

Rachael has a long-held interest in patient safety and human factors, winning several national and international awards for her quality improvement work over the last decade, including handover to intensive care units.

At the Brighton Marathon, Rachael leads on the integration of a roadside ECMO (Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation – ‘heart and lung bypass’) team into the Advanced Cardiac Arrest Team. Rachael also leads the Brighton Marathon Research Group, working on collaborative and cutting-edge research with universities, world-renowned sports medicine scientists, NHS Trusts and the Ministry of Defense.

Visit the CardMedic site

Photo of Brad Gudger Brad Gudger NHS Youth Expert Advisor and Founder and Director of Alike

Brad Gudger is a two-time cancer survivor, former broadcaster and pioneer of the voluntary sector. He has volunteered for various organisations for nearly four years and has worked extensively to advocate on behalf of young people. His experience includes being a Youth Expert Advisor for NHS England & NHS Improvement, working with the NHS LGBT Health team to reduce healthcare inequality, petitioning the government to offer more support to those being treated for cancer and he has spoken in Parliament numerous times about patient experience.

Brad has worked internationally too along side the UK Mission to the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Brad is recipient of The Diana Award, a Young Leader for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and a One Young World Ambassador.

Visit Alike website

Haseeb Hamid Medical Doctor.

I am a medical doctor working in the West of Scotland who has a specific interest in teaching others about the wonders of the human body and medicine.
World of Medics is an online educational platform which gamifies learning about the human body. Users progress through their learning by earning points and badges, progressing through levels, levelling up and moving up the leader board. The platform combines the addictive nature of gaming with medical education, thus allowing students to fully engage and immerse themselves in their learning.
I hope that students around the world can learn about the human body in an engaging and interactive way through which they can help their local communities through providing and enhancing healthcare.
Our Entrepreneurs: Haseeb Hamid

Photo of Petra Hanson Petra Hanson Doctor

My main research interests are in metabolic medicine, Type 2 Diabetes and obesity, digital health tools, mindfulness and its clinical application. Three years ago, I established a research network combining artificial intelligence and mindfulness for prevention of metabolic disease at Warwick University. I teach at Warwick university and supervise Digital Healthcare Science student.

#OurEntrepreneurs: Petra Hanson

Photo of Parham Hashemi Parham Hashemi Medical Student and Pharmacist

As a passionate medical student with a background in pharmacy, my interest in healthcare has always been focused on the intersection of medicine, innovation, and technology. I have been fortunate to experience the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry through my work on key projects during significant times.

Our Entrepreneurs: Parham Hashemi

Photo of Gary Hawkins Gary Hawkins Nurse and Founder of National Electronic Bed Search

Gary is a Learning Disability Nurse with 35 years front line clinical experience covering: adults & children, inpatient, residential, forensic, sex offender and crisis management. Gary is a qualified Clinical Safety Officer and until recently was a Clinical Transformation Lead (MH and LD) in a large NHS Trust. Gary is a qualified Clinical Safety officer, clinical mentor/assessor and a certified Suzy Lamplight lone worker Trainer and was until recently a physical interventions instructor, with over 20 years of teaching experience with the aim of reducing or eradicating restrictive interventions in services.

In January 2021 Gary was fortunate to be accepted on the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme where he is developing the innovative and disruptive National Electronic Bed search platform (NEBS) that has the tools to find the RIGHT placement as close to home and family as possible, quickly and effectively.

Commissioners in health and social care do not currently have a simple yet robust system to search for live available beds. A system that matches the specific needs of the person to the placement. Many use Google and word of mouth to find placements and this is an exceptionally time consuming and costly process.
Many people, especially those with neurodevelopmental disorders, require highly specialist services, specific environments and specialised staff.

NEBS will be used by MH and LD health, social care commissioners to quickly identify specialist beds.

Visit the NEBS site

Photo of Aisling Highman Aisling Highman Ophthalmology ST7 trainee

I’m an Ophthalmology ST7 trainee in Thames Valley Deanery and also the Medical Director at Ufonia. My role at Ufonia is to design and run the evidence generation strategy to show the safety and efficiency that our technology, ‘Dora’ brings to hospitals.

Our Entrepreneurs: Aisling Higham

Photo of Richard Hixson Richard Hixson Consultant in Critical Care

Richard Hixson is a Consultant in Critical Care Medicine who holds positions in sustainability and planetary health from local to national level.

As part of his drive to improve planetary health, Richard designed CPDmatch – a website and app which is to healthcare education what booking.com is to hotels. CPDmatch improves equality in access to education for all healthcare professionals, reduces environmental impact through geographic matching .

Photo of Tamsin Holland-Brown Tamsin Holland-Brown Paediatrician and Founder of Hear Glue Ear and Paediatric HealthTech

Tamsin works as a paediatrician in Cambridge. She specialises in children who are deaf. This led her focus on children with temporary hearing loss due to glue ear (a common condition, where fluid builds up behind the ear drum, causing temporary deafness in young children). She created an affordable medical device to improve hearing and an app to improve childhood developmental skills and self management of glue ear between appointments or when operations are unavailable.

This became a remote solution during the COVID pandemic. The device and the app won innovation and paediatric awards, with NICE ‘highly commending’ the app and the UK app awards awarding ‘Children’s app of the year 2019’. Tamsin’s research and experience of implementing a medical device as well as app’s into clinical pathways led her to become an educator in digital health. She founded Hear Glue Ear and the company Paediatric HealthTech and was recognised in the new years honours list last year. Once upon a time she used to play ultimate frisbee for GB womens (which is a real sport, honest guv).

Photo of Antionette Honegan Antionette Honegan Nurse and founder of Muther Tongue

Antoinette, the founder of Muther Tongue, is a registered nurse (who also trained as a midwife) with over a decade in healthcare working across the NHS landscape.
Her first-hand experience of health inequalities in women’s health, specifically maternity care led to the inception of Muther Tongue, a clinically led, digital healthcare platform focused on universal access to health education.
Antoinette was recently awarded a de-minimis grant from Innovate UK to develop and deliver a multilingual childbirth education pilot. The pilot seeks to connect expectant mothers with multilingual healthcare practitioners using on-demand videos,
lowering the barrier of entry to health information and education.

Photo of Jasmeen Islam Jasmeen Islam Deputy Chief Pharmacist – Strategy & Innovation

Jasmeen Islam is Deputy Chief Pharmacist of Strategy & Innovation and Deputy Associate Director of Medicines Management at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and became an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur in 2018

Case Study: Jasmeen Islam

Photo of Chetan Kaher Chetan Kaher Dentist and founder of Jiva AI

Having gained a doctorate in Dentistry, Chetan has worked in a variety of health sector fields, from primary care as a community dentist to secondary care in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.
Chetan has also worked at the director level within CCGs as part of the Darzi Fellowship in Clinical Leadership, working on various healthcare improvement and transformation schemes.
Chetan has a strong interest in oncology, having developed a novel anti-cancer protein therapy that induces natural cell death in malignant cells specifically.
He has co-seeded and grown a multi-award winning, successful and reputable chain of dental practices. Chetan now concentrates on democratising AI within healthcare with Jiva.ai’s No-code AI platform, with a variety of use cases in diagnostics (prostate cancer, liver disease) and predictive analytics (waiting list stratification, hospital length of stay).

Photo of Joe Kamp Joe Kamp International medical graduate (IMG) and radiology trainee.

I’m Joe, a clinical entrepreneur, international medical graduate (IMG) and radiology trainee with 9 years of clinical experience across two healthcare systems. I currently reside in London with my greyhound, Fergal, having moved from New Zealand in 2017 to pursue personal and professional opportunities.

Our Entrepreneurs: Joe Kamp

Photo of Yasmin Karsan Yasmin Karsan Pharmacist

I am a UK registered Prescribing Pharmacist with a PhD in New Models of Care and a background in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since completing my Masters in AI, I have been working on innovative solutions in and outside the lab to support prescribing decisions and patient care.

My start up idea is testing and utilising genomic testing results to support prescribing decisions and patient care. As a pharmacist, I understand the importance of adhering to medicines, however for some patients it is extremely difficult, for example due to side effects, or ineffectiveness. Genomic data can provide a clear pathway to explain why certain medicines don’t work for certain individuals and this is why developing this innovation will open the doors to a more accessible and democratic way to healthcare and reducing health inequalities.

Our Entrepreneurs: Yasmin Karsan

Photo of Penny Kechagioglou Penny Kechagioglou Consultant Clinical Oncologist

I am a Consultant Clinical Oncologist in the NHS, the Chief Clinical Information Officer and deputy Chief Medical Officer at UHCW, leading on the digital transformation agenda in my NHS Trust. My research interest is in Leadership and Innovation and I have recently completed a doctorate degree with Warwick Business School in this subject. I am also a Trustee at Penny Brohn and CoppaFeel UK cancer charities and I co-Chair the British Society for Integrative Oncology.

Photo of Kevin Kiff Kevin Kiff Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia

I have been an NHS consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia for 25 years. During this time, I have worked with some amazing, motivated people who have consistently delivered great care to patients, and it has been a privilege to be part of such a great team.

Sylvan Tech aims to promote patient pathway efficiencies, especially those associated with elective and emergency surgery, so that all patient groups can receive timely healthcare. Seeing these problems in a professional capacity has enabled us to develop solutions “from the ground up”, resulting in better clinical and operational performance.

Our Entrepreneurs: Kevin Kiff

Photo of Raj Kohil Raj Kohil Patient Experience Lead

Raj is Patient Experience Lead at First 4 Health Group, a GP practice in East London.
Together with school friend and Co-founder Pete Huang, they founded Healthtech-1, an automation platform for high-frequency, low-complexity tasks in Primary Care.
Now live in 35 GP practices, Healthtech-1 have automated over 25,000 New Patient Registrations, liberating staff from 6,250 hours of admin. Awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant in 2023, Healthtech-1 is set to reach national scale before automating further tasks in Record Transfer, Recall & Test Results.

Photo of Sandeep Konduru Sandeep Konduru Orthopaedic Spinal surgeon

I am an Orthopaedic Spinal surgeon, NHS clinical entrepreneur and founding CEO of RUMI Medtech Limited. I have a deep interest in A.I, digital health technology and transformation of clinical pathways. I am also a consultant for other Digital health tech companies.

Our Entrepreneurs: Sandeep Konduru

Photo of Manoj Kumar Manoj Kumar Medical Registrar

I am the Founder and Director of Rathin Med Ltd, a company committed to bring inventive prototypes in digital health and diagnostic to the UK. I am also a medical registrar working in North Manchester Hospital. With several years of experience in Medicine, I have always been intrigued in bringing innovative technology into practice in the UK, which led me to secure a place the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

Our Entrepreneurs: Manoj Kumar

Photo of Garikai Kungwengwe Garikai Kungwengwe Plastic Surgery Themed CT1

I am currently a Core Surgical Trainee (CT1) in Plastic Surgery with a keen interest in Healthcare Innovation and EdTech. Over the recent months, our team has been involved in the development of FlowSurg – A surgical patient flow monitoring application designed to optimize operating department efficiency and, ultimately, alleviate the current NHS surgical backlog crisis. This innovation will form the basis and focus for all of my learning and development needs during the course of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurship Programme.

Furthermore, I am also the founder of ‘ThinkSmart CST’; an AI-generated audio-visual online learning resource for prospective surgical trainees. With over 150 active users, I am excited to see this initiative grow to provide a broad range of preparatory resources across a multitude of medical and surgical specialties.

Our Entrepreneurs: Garikai Kungwengwe

Photo of Christopher Law Christopher Law Medical Student and Co-Founder of Apian

Chris is a trainee doctor at Barts and a Biomedical Engineer graduate from Imperial. Together with Hammad and Alexander, they founded Apian, a healthcare drone logistics startup delivering faster, smarter and greener healthcare.

Photo of Min Lee Min Lee Project Manager NHS England

I am a co-founder who is leading the product development and operations at Humin, our mental health tech start-up. I also manage projects for digital transformation in NHS England.  

#OurEntrepreneurs: Min Lee

Photo of Liz Leggott Liz Leggott Project Manager

I am working as a Project Manager for the South Yorkshire Workforce & Training Hub, on a training and simulation centre for Primary Care. Our focus is on technology enhanced learning created by the home-grown talent we have within our region.

Our Entrepreneurs: Liz Leggott

Photo of Emilios Lemoniatis Emilios Lemoniatis Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Founder of Frontline Budd

Emilios is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who has been on the CEP for three years and is the CEP wellbeing lead. Emilios has worked in innovation and mental health as a consultant for over ten years and brings experience in service user design and design thinking with particular experience of involvement of young people and children and working with complex systems. He is now applying his experience in a workforce well-being and culture change programme called FrontlineBuddy, which is being supported as an innovation through Mid-South Essex NHS FT. He has recently been appointed as Chief Digital Ethics and Privacy Officer at SABP Mental Health Trust and is really happy to be part of the digital mental health team. He is passionate about how digital technology is applied to empowering patients, improving the lives of communities and supporting clinicians in their work.

Frontline Buddy website

Photo of Jade Lopes Jade Lopes Doctor

I am a Foundation Year 2 doctor working in Somerset. I live in the countryside with my husband and my dog.
Medflix was created when I was a medical student as a revision resource for myself. I took big, complicated topics I came across in the medical school curriculum and explained them in a simple way, recording these explanations and uploading them to YouTube. I found that my videos quickly became very popular.

Medflix is the first of its kind – UK-based content which is free to the user, using NICE guidelines, condensing lots of topics into short, easy-to-follow videos, with high-yield content ideal for UK medical students or students in other healthcare degrees.

Our Entrepreneurs: Jade Lopes

Photo of Scott Martin Scott Martin Doctor and Co-Founder and CEO of Recourse AI

Scott Martin is the co-founder and CEO of Recourse AI, leading their mission to unlock the potential of the healthcare workforce.
Started during medical school and now backed by independent research, the Recourse “Flight Simulator for Healthcare” leverages conversational AI-powered Digital Human simulations to provide experiential
training and autonomous assessment of traditionally difficult to teach communication and clinical decision making skills. Data-driven insights are produced with every interaction, creating a new paradigm in workforce development and staffing, where learning curves are accelerated remotely, vacancies filled
faster, and errors and inequalities in patient care are eradicated. Funded by the SBRI programme = and national award bodies, Recourse currently work with the NHS, MoD and some of the best medical schools in the world.

Photo of Devina Maru Devina Maru GP

I am the National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow working within the Primary Medical Services and Integrated Care Directorate and a GP Registrar by background. I am very passionate about promoting health within our communities and reducing health inequalities. I completed my MBA and obtained a diverse range of clinical and business experience and am a co-founder of Health Pioneers Charity, helping reduce health and education inequalities amongst lower socio-economic deprived areas and ethnic minorities. I was the 2021 winner of the UK Asian Women of Achievement Award – Young Achiever Category and received the national Pulse GP Award – GP Trainee/Rising Star.

Photo of Peter May Peter May Net Zero Advisor, The Greener NHS Programme at NHS England

Peter is a Net Zero Advisor for the Greener NHS Programme, where his main focus is supporting the design and delivery of low carbon models of care. Peter started his a career as a physiotherapist based in the Royal London Hospital. After specialising in musculoskeletal injuries, he transitioned into the research setting where he worked on surgical trials and latterly COVID-19 research.

Before joining the Greener NHS Programme, he worked on a digital health start-up on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurship Programme and developed a sustainable education package with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

Peter is passionate about tackling climate change in order to improve and protect the health of NHS staff, patients and the public.

Photo of Richard Mayne Richard Mayne GP

I work clinically as a GP as well as undertaking research in sedentary behaviour and physical activity. I am developing innovative solutions to help people to be less sedentary and more physically active in order to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Photo of Caroline McCallum Caroline McCallum Speech and Language Therapist and Founder of Project Get Talking

Caroline is a Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist who specialises in working with school aged children with Autism. She has many years of experience developing Speech and Language Therapy traded services in schools across London. Caroline is at the end of her first year on the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

During this first year, Caroline has successfully secured two grants – NIHR i4i Challenge ‘Children and Young People’s Mental Health’ (CYPMH) and Department of Business Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) Knowledge Assets Grant Fund for the development of a speech and language therapy platform. Through the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme Caroline has collaborated with Blum Health Ltd. to launch Project Get Talking.

Caroline’s vision is to eradicate the health inequalities that exist for children with speech, language and communication needs in schools nationwide through easily accessible digital support and training. Project Get Talking is a software development venture on a mission to reduce mental health and poor life outcomes of school aged children with speech, language and communication needs. The software aims to extend awareness of speech, language and communication needs and reach
of NHS support, training, resources and therapy available for children in school.

Photo of Chinyelu Menakaya Chinyelu Menakaya Doctor

I am a multi-talented award-winning Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar, founder and managing partner, entrepreneur, founder of gender equality organisations and advocate with 23+ years’ experience of working with different types of organisations (multinationals, healthcare, education, and non-profit) in delivering organisational changes, team focused value through strategic leadership, mentorship and building stronger teams.

Our Entrepreneurs: Chinyelu Menakaya

Photo of Kirti Moholkar Kirti Moholkar Orthopaedic Surgeon

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon, I have served as a consultant at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust for the past 19 years.
I possess an innate entrepreneurial spirit and have been working on various projects aimed at supporting the NHS and advancing healthcare. One of my primary focuses is the Knee Balancer, which I intend to develop further with the support of the NHS CEP. I am eager to explore different strategies that will help me achieve success with this project. The Knee Balancer has been a passion project for me over the past seven years, and I am hopeful that I can find an industry partner to help bring it to market.

The Elite Balancer, a ligament balancing tool, is a key component of the Knee Balancer project. It has been designed to enhance the outcomes of knee surgery and provides results similar to those of robotic surgery but at a much lower cost. I have conducted extensive tests on the tool, including cadaveric lab experiments, and the results are consistent with the technique that I use in clinical practice. Currently, the tool is available only in prototype format and cannot be used in clinical settings.
Our Entrepreneurs: Kirti Moholkar

Photo of Alicja Moore Alicja Moore Plastic Surgery Registrar and Co-Founder of Primum Digital Ltd

Alicja is combining her surgical career with family life and digital innovation. She and her husband co-founded Primum Digital and developed their first product (OrthoPathway) in 2018.

The aim of this digital platform is to standardise and streamline patient pathways within the musculoskeletal services in the NHS, while educating and supporting frontline medical staff using fully illustrated and entirely customisable clinical decision trees.

Initially developed to manage acute trauma presentations, the product has been further developed to help with elective workload to aid elective recovery within the NHS. Its success within the domain of musculoskeletal injuries has triggered Primum to continue redeveloping their product into CrossCover – a wider scope platform to host solutions not just for Orthopaedics, but for all the surgical specialities.

Since its inception Primum Digital has won several national competitions including SBRI Healthcare Urgent and Emergency Care and Delivering a Net Zero NHS.

Photo of Malone Mukwende Malone Mukwende Medical Student and Founder of Hutano

Malone is an award-winning medical student and co author of Mind the Gap a clinical handbook of signs and symptoms in Black and Brown skin.

The handbook has revolutionized the healthcare space reaching over 300,000 people in more than 110 countries. Mind the Gap and Malone have been featured in many press outlets such as TIME, ELLE magazines, in the House of Lords, Good Morning America and The Washington Post.

Malone is also the founder of BlackandBrownSkin– a company focusing on empowering, educating, and providing a voice to Black and Brown communities in healthcare. One of the more recent products to come from the company is Hutano, is a social health platform for Black and Brown communities. This is a place where people can find a safe space to discuss their health away from traditional social media.

Malone’s work has been a catalyst in redefining what ‘normal’ is in healthcare. This has led to systematic changes in hospitals and health services across the world. An example of this is NHS 111 in the UK reviewed their system which was assuming the caller would be of white skin. They reviewed the use of questions such as ‘Are your lips going blue’ to make the language more inclusive for Black and People of Colour.

Photo of Aysha Nijamudeen Aysha Nijamudeen Academic Foundation Doctor

I am dual-qualified dentist and doctor, currently working as an Academic Foundation Doctor. I have been working in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for a number of years, a specialty I am very passionate about and I have carried out multiple projects on surgical techniques, education and patient engagement in this area.

Our Entrepreneurs: Aysha Nijamudeen

Photo of Grant Nolan Grant Nolan Plastic Surgery ST4 trainee

I am a Plastic Surgery ST4 trainee, based in Manchester and co-founder of MyOpNotes which is a digital operation note platform.

Our Entrepreneurs: Grant Nolan

Photo of Shammy Noor Shammy Noor GP

I am a GP with a passion for digital technology. I have type 1 diabetes and I owe a lot of my wellbeing to advances in medical technology. I have spent 6 years in senior NHS medical leadership, as a CCG chairman and regional clinical leader.

Our Entrepreneurs: Shammy Noor

Photo of Pasha Normahani Pasha Normahani Doctor

Pasha is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London, Specialist Registrar in Vascular Surgeryat Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, MBA candidate at Imperial College Business School and founder of a digital health start-up, smrtflo.
His academic interests are in translational research with a particular focus on diagnostic devices, digital health and artificial intelligence.
His work has won multiple national and international awards and is currently supported by funding from the NIHR, UKRI and the Wellcome Trust.
His digital health start-up, smrtflo, translates his research into clinical practice. Smrtlo is redefining poor circulation diagnostics with high performance signal processing and artificial intelligence technology.

Photo of Rahkee Patel Rahkee Patel Consultant in Dental Public Health

Early in my career, I took a role as a primary care dentist working in care homes, which developed interest in ‘Ageing Well’. Having completed my Masters in Dental Public Health in 2009, I moved to Bristol Dental School to undertake my specialty training as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow. I was successful in securing an NIHR doctoral research fellowship in 2014.

Following maternity leave, since 2016, I have been working as a Consultant in Dental Public Health at PHE (now NHSEI) as well as undertaking my PhD at King’s College London and working as a working as a care homes dentist.

Photo of Sandeep Pathak Sandeep Pathak Radiologist

Hi, I’m a Radiologist, dad to 3 girls & Rocky our miniature poodle! Side hustle as a medical expert. Love my job, I get paid to play! Constantly in awe of my NHS people who never fail to surprise me with their ingenuity.

Photo of Gemma Poole Gemma Poole Midwife and Founder of the Essential Baby Company

Gemma Poole, founder of The Essential Baby Company, is a registered midwife and award-winning college lecturer.

Photo of Laura Poppitt Laura Poppitt Artist and Mental Health Advocate

Laura is a Birmingham-based artist, who focuses on sharing images of nature through cards and other gifts.
Laura is one of our Venture Studio from Crisis entrepreneurs and a mental health advocate

Photo of Bernadette Porter Bernadette Porter Honorary Consultant Nurse and Founder and CEO of NeuroResponse

Bernadette is a Clinical Entrepreneur and an alumnus of the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme. She is the Founder and CEO of NeuroResponse® – a digital care model co-designed with people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to detect and treat urinary tract infections quickly avoiding deterioration and presentation at Emergency Departments.

Bernadette has had a long career in neurology nursing and is an Honorary Consultant Nurse in Multiple Sclerosis at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust and The Royal Free Foundation Trust. Bernadette has a track record of successfully and collaboratively challenging multidisciplinary teams to deliver patient focused care. Bernadette has received many awards including an MBE for services to nursing.

Under Bernadette’s leadership, NeuroResponse® evolved from a proof of concept to a commissioned service and was awarded SBRI Phase 1 and Phase 2 funding to improve the MS service and scale to people and families living with Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Bernadette believes the support and mentorship offered on the NHS Innovation Accelerator and Clinical Entrepreneur Programme have been key in building confidence and success to date.

Photo of Charlotte Quinn Charlotte Quinn Nurse

I work in the acute hospital setting as a registered nurse in coronary care and of recent in cardiovascular specialist practice. I am interested in enterprise and innovation. Before nursing I worked for Local Authorities within economic development and in export and business development for the mechanical engineering sector.

Photo of Michael Quinn Michael Quinn Consultant

I am a Consultant in Nephrology and Acute Medicine, with experience as a Healthcare Informatician and previous Chief Clinical Information Officer.

I am an NHS Digital Academy Graduate and have previously worked within the NHS buying and implementing technology, which led me to explore building software that I wanted to use, which resulted in me raising pre-seed funding from a VC and ultimately resulted in Round Safely being created.

Our Entrepreneurs: Michael Quinn

Photo of Hinnah Rafique Hinnah Rafique Doctor and Founder of Generation Medics

Dr Hinnah Rafique is a doctor and founder of the multi-award winning social enterprise, Generation Medics. She has led significant organisational growth during this time, winning six-figure contracts, up-skilling healthcare staff and supporting thousands of young people and adults across the UK.

Generation Medics supports people from all backgrounds (particularly those from underrepresented and disadvantaged communities) to consider, strive and succeed in medical, life-science and healthcare careers. Their mission is simple: to inspire and empower the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Away from Generation Medics, Hinnah was the first woman appointed as a NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow, and was recently appointed as the NHS England Clinical Lead for social enterprise and entrepreneurship. She also lectures across a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at several institutions including the University of Oxford.

Photo of Dustyn Saint Dustyn Saint GP Partner and founder of Primary Care IT Ltd. 

Dustyn Saint, is a Clinical Enterpreneur, part time GP Partner and founder of Primary Care IT Ltd.  Dustyn took solutions used within his own practice and formed a subscription-based community for a wide range of tech solutions so that every practice doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel.  Whether this be to manage cervical screening recalls or view whether the patient you’re reviewing is up to date with the blood and physical monitoring they need; this toolset solves it all.  

Photo of Nicholas Sangala Nicholas Sangala Doctor

MyRenalCare was created by Dr Nicholas Sangala who is passionate about improving the lives of his patients and sought to create a solution that put patients in the driving seat of their condition, rather playing a passive role in their renal journey.

Photo of Waseema Sarodia Waseema Sarodia Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

I am a Specialist Speech and language Therapist. A large part of my clinical work involves working with patients with Chronic cough. I work for the Manchester Airways service, we assess, diagnosis and manage patients with upper airways disorders

Photo of Kavita Sharma Kavita Sharma Clinical Pharmacist

I am a Clinical Pharmacist based in the West Midlands specialising in Diabetes. Having furthered my education in Diabetes, diet and nutrition, I have developed a keen interest in promoting healthy living. Being able to educate patients empowers them to understand and take control of their condition, thus improving health outcomes..

Photo of Videha Sharma Videha Sharma NHS Clinician and Lecturer at the University of Manchester

I am a practicing clinician in the NHS and a lecturer in Health Informatics at the University of Manchester. Besides my medical practice, I lead and coordinate digital health projects with specific expertise in user-centred design, system transformation and clinical leadership.

Our Entrepreneurs: Videha Sharma

Photo of Laura Tan Laura Tan Junior Doctor, Programmer, Co-Founder of Avid

Laura is a junior doctor, programmer and co-founder of Avid , and she is passionate about medical innovation and its ability to transform healthcare.

Following graduation from Imperial College Medical School in 2019 with an additional BSc focused on automated cardiac imaging, Laura undertook an Academic Foundation Programme allowing her to continue to pursue interests in programming, machine learning and digital health. During her medical training, Laura felt that we needed a much better way to manage lifestyle-driven health risks, ahead of the development of chronic disease and acute health events. This led to the development of Vitala, an all-in-one platform for supporting people to assess, monitor and then improve personal risk factors ahead of time.

Vitala aims to empower users to proactively engage in their health and navigate to lasting, healthier habits through easy access to expert 1:1 health coaching, complemented by a growing suite of digital tools. Following the launch of the live platform in January 2022, Vitala are excited to continue to develop their digital tools and help to drive a more proactive, predictive and personalised approach to managing modifiable health risks.

Laura is also the creator of medical education app ‘Spin the Bleep’ and co-founder of the Imperial College School of Medicine Coding Society.

Photo of Charles Taylor Charles Taylor Doctor

Charle primary interests lie within musculoskeletal healthcare, innovation, and healthcare reform. These interests led him to co-found Sina Medical Technology; an end-to-end digital musculoskeletal diagnostic and recovery service which was recipient to the Southwest Great British Entrepreneur 2021 Disruptor Award.

Photo of Simon Toh Simon Toh Senior Consultant Surgeon

I am a Senior Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Professor of Surgery at the University of Portsmouth. I have surgical expertise in keyhole and robotic surgery and co-led a campaign raised over £3.4 million through our Rocky Appeal charity to create the leading multi-specialty minimal access robotic surgical centre in UK.

Photo of Mary Tondo Mary Tondo Speech and Language Therapist

Meet Mary Tondo , Speech and Language Therapist and part of cohort 7.

Our Entrepreneurs: Mary Tondo

Photo of Mary Tondo Mary Tondo Speech and Language Therapist

I have over 23 years of progressive experience in the field of Speech and Language Therapy and Special and Inclusive Education. My experience spans a wide range of cases, both paediatric and adult. I have served the NHS, as well as private and the third sector.

Our Entrepreneurs: Mary Tondo

Photo of Seb Tucknott Seb Tucknott Patient Expert

One of the biggest challenges IBD patients face is the lack of time available to spend with healthcare professionals, and the lack of quality, accessible information. I found that the more information and understanding I had about my condition, the easier it was to manage my symptoms, leading to significant improvements in my quality of life.

This inspired me to create IBDmate, an online resource for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. It consists of an extensive video library featuring interviews with healthcare professionals, patients, and their families, with courses designed to help educate patients on all aspects of their condition, including tests and procedures, treatments, mental health and living with IBD. There are articles, quizzes, tips, and a glossary, and patient stories.

Our Entrepreneurs: Seb Tucknott

Photo of Suzanne Vernazza Suzanne Vernazza Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

I am passionate about pelvic health and improving access to education about pelvic floors and related topics. I work clinically in the NHS as a pelvic health physiotherapist, and I am the Founding Director of Know Your Floors CIC and creator of #squeezealong.

Our Entrepreneurs: Suzanne Vernazza

Photo of Roberto Vilar Roberto Vilar Pharmacist and Founder of Wonderberry

Roberto Vilar is the finance, operations, private patient, and homecare lead for the Cancer Directorate and is also an independent prescriber and a lecturer at the University of West London. Roberto’s strategic role plays a vital part in the financial reporting of
chemotherapy and has helped shape the overall strategy of the Cancer Directorate. Roberto is passionate about healthy eating and is committed to improving the eating habits of the general population.
Roberto Developed ‘Wondaberry’, a natural chewable tablet which makes sour flavours taste sweet, without the need for sugar or artificial sweeteners. This innovation aims to provide a new approach to dietary restrictions, especially for diabetics, obese and those who need to reduce their sugar intake.

Photo of Debbie Wake Debbie Wake CEO and Co-Founder of MyWay Digital Health (MWDH)

one of nine 2019 IUK Women in Innovation Award winners.

MWDH’s vision is to improve the lives of people with diabetes (and other long-term conditions) globally through affordable data-driven solutions. Their flagship product; MyWay Diabetes (MWD)), is multi-award winning, improves health outcomes and saves costs (5:1 ROI). MWD has been deployed in~ 30% of NHS territories. MWDH have an office in Dubai and are now delivering in Middle East and Malaysia. MWDH is at the forefront of diabetes artificial intelligence/ machine learning work (supported through IUK Digital Health Catalyst and AI awards) leading to emerging products delivering clinician decision support, population analytics, risk prediction and precision medicine.
Debbie also leads international diabetes education programmes, and was previously a health columnist for a national UK newspaper and TV doctor/ presenter for STVs ‘The Hour’ programme.

Photo of Sinead Welsh Sinead Welsh Social Worker, Child Protection Specialist Founder of Informed Minds App

Hi I’m Sinead, a mother of 3 young children from a small rural town called Fintona in Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland. I’m a Social Worker, qualified from the Queen’s University of Belfast, and an International Child Protection Specialist having spent over 10 years working for the Australian Government. I’ve held a series of senior management positions to include Case Conference Chair Lady; Court Officer; Family Law Court Liaison Advisor and also held the Child and Adult Mental Health Portfolios. I worked alongside Victoria Police around the establishment of the Child Sexual Assault and Family Violence Investigation Teams in Melbourne.  I am a Mental Health Advocate.

Photo of Victoria Welsh Victoria Welsh Physiotherapist

I am a physiotherapist with over 25 years’ experience in the NHS. I currently split my time across 2 roles which are Head of Physiotherapy for Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Trust and Business Development Manager for Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Entrepreneurs: Victoria Welsh

Photo of Fin Williams Fin Williams Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the NHS and in universities training across the psychology professions for the last 20 years.
MindPsy is a wearable/phone technology, built around a passive data repository and algorithm designed to support young people to monitor their emotional wellbeing, in the same way they do their physical wellbeing. As well as using evidence-based approaches to improve emotional wellbeing, the same algorithm brings the front door of talking therapy services (remote and in-person) into the young person’s hand; reducing wait times, barriers to access, and bottlenecks in the system.

Our Entrepreneurs: Fin Williams

Photo of Simon Withey Simon Withey Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Founder of Malue

Simon is a surgeon with a longstanding interest in improving standards of healthcare. He has been involved in a number national and international reviews of standards of surgical practice. Three years ago he and colleagues stumbled on the concept of using reviews to drive efficiency and quality, and to identify wasteful, risky and unsustainable practice in health and social care. The concept began with a chat about the benefits of “coffee room conversations” when searching for the right product to perform a certain operative tasks. These early conversations have led to extensive rounds of focus groups and patients and staff engagement sessions.

The opportunity and scope have been explored,
a solution has been modelled and approaches to commercialisation identified. A team has been built that, with partners, is in the process of undertaking proof of concept and pilot projects.

We have received constant support from the CEP in all areas of development. Regular one to one meetings have helped provide real focus, and our thoughts have been challenged by both peers and mentors, and as a direct result we have developed a deeper understanding of the need, an answer and the approach to commercialisation.

Photo of Shuler Xu Shuler Xu Co-founder RapidX Bio

RapidX Bio is a molecular diagnostic start-up based in the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Co-founded by an engineer/doctor and an epidemiologist/physicist, the product being developed is a 5-minute point-of-care device which uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and nanotechnology to provide affordable and timely gold standard diagnosis for infectious diseases such as Urinary Tract Infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Respiratory Tract Infections.
The goal of RapidX is to reduce cost burdens due to infectious disease complications and enable pathways for patients to receive treatments within 30 minutes of their symptom onset.

Photo of Zehra Yonel Zehra Yonel Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry

I am an experienced academic with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. I am skilled in clinical dentistry, in particular the speciality area of periodontology.

I am a Clinical Lecturer and Specialist Registrar in Restorative Dentistry at the School of Dentistry in the University of Birmingham. I am midway through a programme of work for my PhD, funded by the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) and Diabetes UK, as part of the Doctoral Research Fellowship (DRF). My research interests lie in the fields of epidemiology and the interface between oral and systemic diseases. I am also a calibrated assessor of dental indices used in clinical studies.

Photo of Nawal Yousaf Nawal Yousaf Medical Student

I’m Nawal, a medical student at Kings College London with a passion for both digital health and mental health, especially for the Muslim population. I believe in the power of technology to improve patient outcomes and am driven to make a difference in the medical field. As I continue my studies at one of the world’s leading universities, I am excited to bring my unique perspective and commitment to improving healthcare to the forefront.

Our Entrepreneurs: Nawal Yousaf


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