The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme (CEP) is dedicated to supporting the NHS’s commitment to becoming net zero.

Why are we getting involved?

The climate emergency is a health emergency.  According to the WHO, climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.  More than 13 million people globally die per year from climate related causes and 99% of the world’s population now breaths air which does not meet the UN air quality standards.  Representing 4-5% of emissions globally, healthcare is part of the problem but also part of the solution.

Recognising that climate change and human health are inextricably linked, in October 2020, the NHS became the first in the world to commit to Delivering a Net Zero National Health Service. This means improving healthcare while reducing harmful carbon emissions. The NHS has taken notable steps to reduce its impact on the climate, reducing its footprint by 30% since 2010. Find out how the NHS is becoming Greener:

How is the NHS CEP is supporting net zero?

Our Commitment

For healthcare innovation to be future proof, it needs to be sustainable, inclusive, and environmental impacts need to be understood. These principals not only apply to innovations from our Clinical Entrepreneurs, but how the programme, it’s partners and the wider network address their own impacts.

Our environmental action will focus on three key areas:

Supporting the Clinical Entrepreneurs to understand and maximise any environmental benefits and reduce the environmental impacts of their innovations

This will involve Developing expert guidance, support, tools and education on sustainability and environmental impact for participants on the programme.

We also will signpost to available funding and further support for net zero and sustainability innovation.

Reduce the environmental impact of CEP operations.

We to aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions for the CEP programme delivery team by 2023.

Work with CEP partners to drive environmental action.

We will work to ensure industry partners for the CEP are aligned to the net zero supplier roadmap

Crucially for entrepreneurs, the NHS is relying on innovation to decarbonise areas of healthcare where low carbon solutions have yet to be discovered.  Additionally, if the NHS is to reach its net zero ambition, entrepreneurs must realise the positive environmental impacts of existing innovations, for example through reducing healthcare mileage via remote triage, or replacing carbon intensive equipment with cleaner more effective technology.

Further Reading and information

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The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme is proud to be supporting the Greener NHS Campaign to deliver the world’s first net zero health service.


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