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The NHS CEP understands that the health and wellbeing of our clinical entrepreneurs is a key priority to ensure everyone is supported throughout their innovation journey whilst working within/ alongside the NHS. 

Health and Wellbeing is an important and continual management process which aims to support the mental, physical, and physiological health of the population.

‘’Our day jobs in the NHS can sometimes feel really tough and although transforming patient care through innovation and entrepreneurship can be so impactful and personally rewarding, it can also be really demanding; physically, mentally and emotionally. That is why our team is dedicated to supporting your health and well-being throughout your journey with the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.’’ Professor Tony Young OBE, National Clinical Lead for Innovation at NHSE&I and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Anglia Ruskin University

Ensuring access to health and wellbeing information and tools will be key in developing a culture of awareness, openness, and support within the programme.

Please see below our Health and Wellbeing Booklet and health and wellbeing emergency guidance process.

Health and Wellbeing Handbook

Guidance Process

The Health and Wellbeing booklet includes important information from a range of sources which provide support to all entrepreneurs to manage their own wellbeing and support others.  This includes national helplines, information on the NHS CEP offering, guidance, useful resources, and access to free suicide awareness training.

The guidance for programme participants on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme when supporting mental health difficulties and/or suicidal thoughts, includes very important information on what to do in an emergency on the programme. We request for all programme participants to read the guidance.


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