Evaluation Report

SQW Evaluation Report of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

In 2021, Anglia Ruskin University commissioned SQW to undertake an evaluation of the first four years of NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme (CEP) to better understand the benefits brought about by the programme, lessons from delivery, and future opportunities for developing the programme.

The evaluation concludes that the CEP has been successful in generating a range of benefits to date for the individuals taking part in the programme, the NHS, and wider society.

Key findings from the SQW report..

  • The CEP is supporting Clinical Entrepreneurs on their innovation journey in various ways.
  • Even where other routes for taking the idea/innovation were considered, the CEP was typically seen as the preferred option
  • Most Clinical Entrepreneurs had chosen a commercial route for developing their idea/innovation
  • Even at this early stage of company and innovation development, there is reasonable economic impact associated with the firms created by Clinical Entrepreneurs
  • The CEP has played a role in supporting the adoption of innovations, with over half adopted within/outside the NHS by the time of the survey
  • The programme has played an important role in helping to retain people in the NHS workforce
  • Clinical Entrepreneurs are developing different types of innovations seeking to address a range of issues in the healthcare system
  • There is clear evidence of the innovations progressing towards commercialisation with support from the CEP
  • The CEP has supported business growth which would not have happened otherwise, or would have been at a different time, scale or quality.
  • The innovations are delivering wider impacts for patients, the wider NHS and the society
  • The CEP has helped to develop commercial skills, knowledge and experience within the NHS, in line with its objectives
  • There are very high levels of satisfaction with the CEP