Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

NHS CEP Charter – Everyone is included


The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme and Anglia Ruskin University are dedicated to providing a programme where everyone is included. If we are truly to transform healthcare for our nation we need to everyone as we design, develop and deliver new innovations. Our greatest strength lies in leveraging our diversity, bringing new thinking and new action to the challenges we face.

This Charter sets out the principles we innovate by and through our words and actions the population we serve will know that everyone’s included. 

Our commitment

We will recognise and cater to the varying needs of our Clinical Entrepreneurs 

  • We identify and provide access to role models, mentors and coaching from different demographic and professional backgrounds 
  • We facilitate tailored development in line with different protected groups 
  • We facilitate increased awareness of one’s self and others via activities such as Belbin profiles and equality, diversity and inclusion training
  • We will create safe inclusive spaces to enable people to share and express their perspective and learn  

  • We protect time to discuss wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion at each pit stop 
  • We provide a point of contact for pastoral support and signpost to further resources 
  • We provide reciprocal mentoring opportunities.
  •  We facilitate peer support (e.g. networks, buddying and action learning) 
  • We actively seek feedback and run regular temperature checks 
  • We will provide equal access to opportunities

  • We share opportunities with and encourage participation from all Clinical Entrepreneurs  
  • We provide regular and constructive feedback to participants to aid development 
  • We work with Clinical Entrepreneurs and stakeholders to widen participation on the programme and remove barriers to progression (e.g. we will provide additional support to underrepresented groups) 
  • We proactively seek out and remove bias in our selection processes by delivering managing bias training to the team and all assessors and implementing inclusive recruitment practices (e.g. diverse assessment panels and moderation) 
  • We set targets and actively track our progress in diversifying our cohorts and enabling progression of under-represented clinical entrepreneurs 
  • We will communicate in an inclusive manner that encourages participation and diversity   

  • We work with stakeholders to showcase our impact and widen our reach 
  • We tailor our communications/language to engage diverse audiences when promoting the programme and gathering patient/public input 
  • We provide visibility and communications support to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and working to support diverse communities 
  • We engage with diverse contributors, sponsors and stakeholders 
  • We will prioritise tackling health inequalities  

  • We provide exemplars of excellence and highlight key areas for action 
  • We make it an expectation for clinical entrepreneurs to consider the impact of their innovation on diverse populations in order to reduce health inequalities 
  • We assess applications to the programme against need and impact on reducing health inequalities 
  • We measure the impact of the programme and innovations on reducing health inequalitie
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