Social Enterprise and Intrapreneurship

With increasing pressures faced by the UK healthcare system it’s important to empower and invest in our greatest resource, our people. The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme aims to give clinicians with ideas that could greatly improve patient care and the healthcare system the knowledge, mentors and support networks to progress their ideas and fulfil their potential as well as the potential of their projects.

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme understands the importance of supporting clinical entrepreneurs with diverse projects in order to solve the complex issues that the NHS and society face. The programme offers clinical entrepreneurs  access to support to explore, launch and grow intrapreneurial or social enterprise ideas  

So if you’re unsure of how to get started with a social enterprise or as an intrapreneur NHS Clinical Entrepreneur you’ll be able to access dedicated support at events and access to business planning sessions.

What is meant by social enterprise and intrapreneurship?

Social responsibility refers to the positive contribution of entrepreneurship and business to consciously provide additional benefit to add to community and society wellbeing, to empower and enable others, and to create charity or community partnerships.

Businesses, new innovations and their supply chains can have a major impact on society and surrounding ecosystems. The biggest problem being that some businesses are not accountable for their actions on society, human rights and ecosystems. There is a need for a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty as well as a commitment to ethical, fair and socially sustainable development. This can often start with adopting a social responsible business model for your innovation.

How is the NHS CEP supporting social enterprises and intrapreneurial projects?

Our Vision:

For those with intrapreneurial and social entrepreneurial ideas to be given a blueprint and support in order to progress to improve patient care, support our workforce and build the infrastructure to solve the healthcare problems of the future.

Our Commitments:

Support clinicians with intrapreneurial and social entrepreneurial ideas to apply for and join the clinical entrepreneur programme

We will provided dedicated support, and guidance around social enterprises and being an intrapreneur.

Supporting clinicians to develop, implement, evaluate and scale their intrapreneurial and social enterprise projects.

This will include support for a wide range of diverse projects with access to focus groups and 1:1 sessions.

Supporting clinical entrepreneurs to understand how and why co-production and public and patient involvement is important and can be embedded within the development of projects.

We will work with partners and patient groups to support learning

Supporting clinical entrepreneurs to learn from and collaborate with wider innovators working in the same space e.g. social entrepreneurs.

We provide opportunities to network with peers and the wider NHS CEP network.

Supporting clinical entrepreneurs to develop and articulate their ‘social value’ proposition for bids and for their marketing.

Providing expert advice from Industry representatives and introduction to CE in that space such as Generations Medics


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