Our Entrepreneurs: Simon Toh

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs. Introducing Professor Simon Toh, Senior Consultant Surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Portsmouth. Tell us a bit about yourself  I am a Senior Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Professor of Surgery at the University of Portsmouth. I have surgical expertise in keyhole and robotic surgeryContinue reading “Our Entrepreneurs: Simon Toh”

Clinical consultation software supporting healthcare delivery.

Lung Health is a Guided Clinical Consultation software. It’s aim is to standardise care and provide a framework for consultation which permits non-specialist nurses/GPs, with specialist oversight, to diagnose COPD whilst delivering guideline-level care, consistently, safely, and accurately in every patient interaction. By getting it right first time, the solution helps improve patient care, optimizeContinue reading “Clinical consultation software supporting healthcare delivery.”

Communication tool aims to reduce health inequalities

CardMedic aims to overcome any communication barrier between healthcare staff and patients. Desktop and mobile app aimed at inclusive communication. Launched in the pandemic in just 72 hours. 28% increase in patient confidence CardMedic is a desktop and mobile app that provides digital flashcards to guide patients with additional communication needs through clinical interactions, toContinue reading “Communication tool aims to reduce health inequalities”

Our Entrepreneurs: William Waldock

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs – today we introduce William Waldock a Specialist Foundation Programme Doctor. Tell us a bit about yourself  I studied Medicine at Cambridge and now work as a Specialist Foundation Programme Doctor, after contributing to the Lancet Commission on Global Eye Health. I have been recognised with research funding from the Royal College of Surgeons,Continue reading “Our Entrepreneurs: William Waldock”

Our Entrepreneurs: Alexander Davey

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs – today we introduce Alexander Davey an ED Doctor and one of our Northern Ireland Cohort. Tell us a bit about yourself  Hello my name is Sandy! I am an anaesthetist by training and intensivist by substantive appointment.  With the COVID pandemic I have also become an ED doctor! I have been exploringContinue reading “Our Entrepreneurs: Alexander Davey”