Meet our mentors: Stef Kulik

Stef Kulik is the Managing Director of Royal Mail’s Health business and a mentor on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Stef’s career has spanned across a multitude of industries including expertise in consumer good, healthcare, start-ups in the fields of AI and predictive analytics and human performance. Why did you choose to become a mentorContinue reading “Meet our mentors: Stef Kulik”

Meet our mentors: Pravina Pindoria

Pravina Pindoria is the co-founder/ Co-CEO at Tallyfy, a former nurse and now a mentor on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Tallyfy is a B2B SaaS platform which was founded in 2015. Tallyfy is the only workflow software that empowers anyone to document, automate and track workflows in real-time. Transform every approval, task, business process,Continue reading “Meet our mentors: Pravina Pindoria”

Meet our mentors: Chris Born

Chris Born is a former NHS CEO, with 11 years’ experience working as a senior consultant healthcare specialist within Healthcare UK, based at the Department for Business and Trade (DBT). With experience as an executive coach and mentor, Chris has a passion for improving health and care worldwide.  Chris has worked with hundreds of NHSContinue reading “Meet our mentors: Chris Born”

Meet our mentors: Malcolm Silander

Malcolm Silander, managing partner and co-founder at Precision BioSearch, is an advisor at the University of Westminster, an active STEM ambassador and a mentor on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme Malcolm has dedicated his professional career to identifying pioneering talent within the Life Science sector. He has been responsible for scaling three recruitment organisations acrossContinue reading “Meet our mentors: Malcolm Silander”

Meet our mentors: Simon Baker

Simon Baker is an IBM Business Technology consultant with 37 years’ experience within the IT Industry, with a Diploma in Strategic Market Management. Simon’s experience means he is able to bridge the gap between technology and business, to bring a wealth of experience from having worked with multiple start-ups, customer and business partners.  Why did you choose to becomeContinue reading “Meet our mentors: Simon Baker”

Meet the Mentors: Michael Watts

Dr Michael Watts, Co-founder and Managing Director of Blüm Health Ltd, is an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme mentor, NHS Doctor and Associate Chief Clinical Informatics Officer.   Founded by Clinicians and engineers, Blüm Health Ltd designs and builds NHS-ready digital health solutions to connect healthcare excellence with technological innovation, accelerating the transition to a world filledContinue reading “Meet the Mentors: Michael Watts”

Meet the Mentors: Steve Hess

Steven Hess founding partner of WhiteCap, is an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme mentor who brings experience as an entrepreneur, educator, award winning strategist, creative thinker, corporate and start-up leader.  His private coaching and advisory practice, WhiteCap, aims to help businesses and individuals reach their professional peak through a proven system of goal orientated coaching andContinue reading “Meet the Mentors: Steve Hess”

Pumping Marvellous

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme is supported by over 60 partners, from industry and NHS Trusts to charities.The Pumping Marvellous Foundation is the UK’s patient led heart failure charity, and partner to the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Conceived from the Founders diagnosis of heart failure; they provide help and support for those living with heartContinue reading “Pumping Marvellous”