Our Entrepreneurs: Simon Toh

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs. Introducing Professor Simon Toh, Senior Consultant Surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Portsmouth. Tell us a bit about yourself  I am a Senior Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Professor of Surgery at the University of Portsmouth. I have surgical expertise in keyhole and robotic surgeryContinue reading “Our Entrepreneurs: Simon Toh”

Our Entrepreneurs; Devina Maru

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs. Introducing Dr Devina Maru a GP Registrar and co-founder of Health Pioneers Charity. Tell us a bit about yourself  I am the National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow working within the Primary Medical Services and Integrated Care Directorate and a GP Registrar by background. I am very passionate about promoting health within our communities andContinue reading “Our Entrepreneurs; Devina Maru”

Clinical consultation software supporting healthcare delivery.

Lung Health is a Guided Clinical Consultation software. It’s aim is to standardise care and provide a framework for consultation which permits non-specialist nurses/GPs, with specialist oversight, to diagnose COPD whilst delivering guideline-level care, consistently, safely, and accurately in every patient interaction. By getting it right first time, the solution helps improve patient care, optimizeContinue reading “Clinical consultation software supporting healthcare delivery.”

App providing global access to healthcare education

CPDmatch is a website and app which proactively matches the education needs of healthcare professionals to on-site and virtual courses, conferences, webinars and study days, improving access for all globally whilst decreasing the carbon cost of attendance.  Website and app giving access to courses, conferences and webinars. Improving accessibility globally for 60 million healthcare professionals.Continue reading “App providing global access to healthcare education”

Coaching programme delivering personalised care

Health Connect Coaching is a volunteer peer Health and Wellbeing Coaching Programme, developed by intrapreneur Helen Davies-Cox, a nurse with over 30 years’ experience and Head of Personalised Care at Torbay and Devon NHS Trust. Coaching programme to delivery personalised care. Peer support to those living with long term health conditions. Supporting system transformation HealthContinue reading “Coaching programme delivering personalised care”

Communication tool aims to reduce health inequalities

CardMedic aims to overcome any communication barrier between healthcare staff and patients. Desktop and mobile app aimed at inclusive communication. Launched in the pandemic in just 72 hours. 28% increase in patient confidence CardMedic is a desktop and mobile app that provides digital flashcards to guide patients with additional communication needs through clinical interactions, toContinue reading “Communication tool aims to reduce health inequalities”

Our Entrepreneurs: Amir Amraie

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs. Introducing Amir Amraie a pharmacist and Chief Operating Officer at Crowd Funded Cures. Tell us a bit about yourself  I am a UK registered Pharmacist currently practicing within the NHS in primary care; I am Chief Operations Officer of Crowd Funded Cures, where I am working on a solution to a pharmaceutical problemContinue reading “Our Entrepreneurs: Amir Amraie”

Our Entrepreneurs: Peter Cosgrove

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs. Introducing Peter Cosgrove a Consultant Physician in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Northern Ireland Tell us a bit about yourself  I am a Consultant Physician in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Northern Ireland Specialist Transport & Retrieval (NISTAR) working at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. I retain Specialist Registration in Ireland, the UKContinue reading “Our Entrepreneurs: Peter Cosgrove”

Our Entrepreneurs: Frances Duffy

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs. Introducing Dr Frances Duffy a Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist from Northern Ireland. Tell us a bit about yourself  I am a consultant clinical psychologist working in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT), Northern Ireland.  My clinical work is in older people’s mental health and includes diagnosis of dementia, post diagnostic supportContinue reading “Our Entrepreneurs: Frances Duffy”