Website aims to improve educational outcomes for dental students and dentists. 

ExamineDental aims to enhance dental student exam revision, to encourage educational success.

  • Website has over 700 single best answer questions and OSCE style questions for users to attempt.
  • Over 2500 users are subscribed to ExamineDental. 
  • Website aims to fill the gap in the market by providing high quality dental education and revision information.

Prateek Biyani is an Associate Dentist and Specialty Doctor in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (OMFS), who joined the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme in 2022.

Founded in 2021, ExamineDental is an educational website which aims to enhance study and revision for dental students and dentists, to promote educational success and encourage career development through unique services and functionality.

“An online system to facilitate on-the-go revision and learning.”

At the start of dental school, Prateek struggled with revision and finding high-quality dental education and revision resources. The searching led to frustration as they were either too expensive or lacking in content or quality. This led to the initial development of the website dentalnotebook in 2013, which provides revision notes for dentists and dental students.

Prateek then decided to embark on a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education and after passing this, became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. During this time, he published an exam revision book – Single Best Answer Questions for Dentistry. Both the dentalnotebook website and revision book were successful but Prateek felt there was more to give in dental education and helping dentists develop. This led to the development of ExamineDental.

The ExamineDental website was launched in December 2021 and is a subscription-based service which provides an online revision bank for dental students and dentists sitting dental school exams, MFDS/ORE exams, or any other dental exams. The website has an ever-expanding bank of best answer questions and OSCE style questions for users to attempt, including interview scenarios tailored for OSCE, DCT and DFT exams.

Users can take quizzes online and track their progress centrally on the statistics page, which allows students to identify gaps and better target their learning for maximum benefit. The platform also has a note taking functionality which allows users to record and store revision notes, and they can explore personalised and tailored dental tutoring and educational sessions.

The team have also worked to make it easier for dental students to achieve their CPD goals whilst gaining knowledge, with downloadable CPD certification when users pass quizzes.

User feedback received by the team has been overall positive, including improved exam results and effective performance in interviews.

“Super streamlined approach to learning online. Really enjoyed navigating through the platform. Most students and young dentists are going to find this a game changer!”

User Feedback

“Making revision easier, more accessible and productive.”

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme has provided Prateek with a comprehensive insight into how a business is ran and facilitated important connections through regular networking opportunities.  

“I have learnt about the magnitude of energy and time needed to set up a project like this. I have also learnt the importance of involving a team to help share the workload and not attempt to do everything yourself. For those wanting to start a project but are doubting it, I would tell them to just do it! I started this project with a lot of doubt in my mind as to whether my investment would work or not. I had already made back twice my investment in a month and, without taking the jump, I wouldn’t have experienced this.”

Mr Prateek Biyani

Looking to the future

The team are working to increase the educational content, continuing to expand their website including the exploration of a mobile app. They are actively looking for enthusiastic and motivated ambassadors and contributors, as well as other members of the team. They can apply and get in touch here:

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