Innovation supports men’s mental health to promote a healthier population. aims to support men with scientifically proven lifestyle change approaches for depression, anxiety, stress and burnout. 

  • Dr Edward Rainbow has helped over 1000 people with their mental health problems.  
  • Platform uses non-drug, lifestyle-based approaches for long-term sustained mental health improvement.    
  • Platform provides 1-hour live courses for workplaces to meet the health needs of their male employees to reduce burn-out and time off

Dr Edward Rainbow is a GP and certified lifestyle medicine practitioner who joined the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme in 2023.  

Founded in 2022, aims to help men with mental health problems achieve long term sustainable change via use of Lifestyle Medicine and behavioural change techniques. 

“Know the problems, change yourself, live life“. 

Having experienced burnout, depression and anxiety, Dr Ed Rainbow had first-hand experience of the mental health pathways within the NHS and the support provided for men. After asking for help and progressing to recovery using non-drug approaches, he realised that change to the current medical model is vital to aid the recovery for men experiencing mental health issues.  

As a GP, Dr Ed Rainbow was struck by how few men would seek help around mental health and one of the hardest elements of his job, was being involved in the aftermath of male suicide. Death by suicide takes 4,500 men each year in the UK, with ages 40-49 most at risk*. Through observation and research, he saw that men were at a disadvantage when it came to health, having a lower level of health understanding, which made them less likely to seek help. This also led some men to rely on alcohol or drugs to cope with mental health problems and resulted in effects on the workplace, including aggression, disruption, and time off. was then developed to improve the current provision of support and features blogs and tips to improve mental health with a holistic approach. Using his science-backed ‘Mind compass’, Dr Ed Rainbow provides individually tailored approaches to improving mental health, including individualised, 1:1 support to improve mental health, with personalised written plans and bi-weekly support sessions. The platform also provides a series of individual and group courses which guide men through their mental health journey, enabling them to make sustained long-term change and improvement to their mental health.  

‘’My own personal experiences of burnout, depression and anxiety led me to question how we approach mental health in the NHS; waiting for patients to come to us, offering diagnostic models which can be unwanted, and offering temporary solutions which may not effectively tackle the root causes of the issues. 

After completing the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Diploma, I became aware of the evidence base for treating mental health via lifestyle change. The initial improvements are sustained by empowering individuals to be in control of their health and wellbeing.’’

Dr Edward Rainbow

‘1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts‘*

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme is providing Dr Ed Rainbow with support including guidance around Lean Canvas and Lean Start-up principles. It is also providing him with access to a support network of other clinical entrepreneurs and the understanding of the importance of innovating within the NHS.  

Having a community of support around you whilst innovating is very important as the journey can be lonely, frustrating, and demotivating. The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme provides a community where you can build networks with other innovators who are progressing though similar situations and challenges as you are.  

As I progress on the programme, I am looking forward to the mentoring opportunities as being supported by someone who has practical experience of the innovation journey will be very helpful and greatly appreciated.’

Dr Edward Rainbow

What is your key piece of health and wellbeing advice? 

‘’The key advice I would give for individuals is to try and change something about their lifestyle, however small.  Showing yourself that you can make a change can empower people to feel better about themselves, but then go on to make further changes, and sustainably improve their health and wellbeing.

Dr Edward Rainbow

Looking to the future

Dr Ed Rainbow is progressing to explore new ideas around men’s metal health support, including a podcast where men talk about their mental health experiences, combined with the science of Lifestyle Medicine for Mental Health.  

Moving forward, he aims to attract more potential clients, liaise with groups that would like to get involved in trials and explore funding to support trials and expansion.  

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