Our entrepreneurs: Krupa Bhalsod

In our latest #OurEntrepreneurs profile we meet cohort 7 Clinical Entrepreneur Krupa Bhalsod, Doctor.    

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I am an acute medicine ST6 training in northwest London, with a specialty interest on obstetric medicine. I completed my undergraduate training at Imperial College School of Medicine. I completed a year of training in obstetric medicine and have co-authored a book in this specialty. I was introduced to innovation during my cardiology placement and, whilst I am only just dipping my toe in the water, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Name: Krupa Bhalsod, Cohort 7.

Occupation: Doctor.

Organisation: West Middlesex Hospital & Chelsea and Westminster NHS trust.

Why did you apply to the programme and what are you looking forward to?

My cardiology consultant introduced me to innovation and gave me a “nudge” towards the programme. She encouraged me to apply and for this I am truly grateful.

I am at the very beginning of my journey, and I hope to start to learn the ropes to make my idea a reality. I hope to learn how to write a clear and concise business plan, to understand the nuances of technology in my innovation and learn from my mentors and fellow programme colleagues.

Tell us about your innovation  

My idea is called “in the loop” and it aims to facilitate communication between relatives and staff members, through a text message communication service. I am incredibly passionate about my idea as I both understand how utterly terrifying it can be to have a loved one in hospital and to have no communication with those caring for them, but also, how frustrating it can be as the care provider when the phones ring nonstop with worried relatives. I am passionate about clear and timely communication and its importance in patient care and I can’t wait to develop my idea into reality.

I am hoping ‘in the loop’ will revolutionise communication between relatives and staff members, easing the anxieties of loved ones but also enabling staff members to communicate with relatives at a time when clinical pressures are less.

What motivates you? 

I really enjoy what I do, and I strive to provide the best care for my patients, whilst communicating with them every step of the way.

What are your ambitions for the next year?

Over the next year I hope to learn the foundations of business and explore this field in more detail. I also hope to learn from my mentors and colleagues, to further develop my knowledge and skills.

Why do you think innovation is important in healthcare?

Healthcare often requires one to “think outside of the box” by using creative ideas with the physical resources available to you at the time. Innovation allows you to address and approach these problems in a novel way, which is not restricted to resources that already exist, but allows you to create the new means to make a difference. It is this lateral thinking that is often required to make an impact.

How can we find out more?

Please visit my social media page for more information.