Innovation connecting talented people to the right global health opportunities.

Global Health Works aims to ease access to global health resourcing, by connecting professionals with leading organisations.

  • An online marketplace where global health talent and contributors can connect.
  • Working to eliminate the inconvenient in-person component of global health recruitment.
  • A platform working to pair global talent with virtual vacancies, preventing unnecessary travel, supporting the ambitions of ‘Net Zero’.

Ade Adeyemi, managing Director of Global Health Works, joined the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme in 2020. Ade is a Global Health Policy Expert who works for the UK Department of Health and Social Care. Ade was formerly a Director at the Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Think Tank), where he supported Ministry of Health stakeholders across Africa, by strengthening their leadership and policy development capacity. He has over 15 years’ experience in the NHS with his last post being at NHS England, working on Commercial and International Health policies for the NHS.

Founded in 2016, Global Health Jobs is a specialist job-board that connects employers to professionals seeking job opportunities in Global Health. They provide a platform that allows employers to post their jobs to attract the attention of targeted interest groups.

We hope to become the go-to infrastructure for all remote global health work” 

According to Global Health Jobs, millions of healthcare professionals, within the developing world, search for opportunities to apply their knowledge, but currently, there is no effective, trusted way for healthcare professionals to find and transact with non-clinical healthcare problems. Ade identified opportunities, where the underutilized skills and capability of the global healthcare workforce, could be matched with the real-life problems virtually.

To address this problem, Global Health Jobs is building an online marketplace (Global Health Works) where global health talent and contributors can connect to virtual vacancies and remote opportunities. The marketplace consists of two primary components:

  1. An incentive-based compensation framework,
  2. An API platform packed with trusted and diverse talent.

The digital marketplace supplies a solution to two major market issues affecting the utilisation of talent for global health: firstly, high barriers to entry and secondly, complex recruitment processes. The technology works to match problem owners with solution providers and offers a virtual workspace to facilitate this collaboration.

The platform will work to eliminate the inconvenient in-person component of global health activity, expanding access to opportunities beyond consultancies with limited openings, and establishing an equitable distribution of skills.

‘’We did a trial run from August – October 2022. This involved a soft launch and gathering real world global health problems on a micro level and using the platform to match problem owners to the solution providers.’’

Ade Adeyemi

A specialist jobs resource to connect Global Health opportunities.

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme is a community which has helped Ade to work on his ideas, connect with likeminded people, and strengthen his network. 

”There are opportunities and support which are vital to take your idea and make it a reality. You won’t find another programme like this in the health and social care sector, which helps you understand how to get your start up running, how to pitch and all other business considerations. This is the best starting point, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of.’’

‘’Reflecting on the lessons I have learned, there’s no such thing as an enduring competitive advantage when it comes to tech. Technology advantages in terms of product features can be eroded over time as technology upgrades, customers evolve, and competitors catch on. To ensure real technology advantage, you need to take a long-term view of your product and tech capabilities, expect ongoing innovation and recruit paranoid people focused on solving customer problems.

Staying ahead of the competition and focusing on the same goal is vital, it’s harder to reach a consensus when partners have different perspectives on the endgame.”

Ade Adeyemi

Looking to the future

The Global Health Works team are working to further test the project’s value proposition, build an MVP and identify improvement opportunities in the trial period, before progressing to a full launch. They are actively exploring long-term partnerships with leading global health organisations, and Government stakeholders to further expand Global Health Work’s reach.

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