Generation Medics is creating access to career development for all.

Generation Medics mission is to inspire people from all backgrounds to raise their aspirations and find careers where they will thrive.

  • Social Enterprise aims at providing opportunity to all.
  • Supported over 33,000 individuals.
  • Supporting the most vulnerable, disadvantaged, and underrepresented groups.

Dr Hinnah Rafique, founder of Generation Medics, is a clinical doctor, who joined the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme in 2016. With a background in educational development, business, and innovation, Hinnah has a passion for addressing Health Inequalities and championing those ideas that can create real change.

Founded in 2013, Generation Medics is an award-winning social enterprise, which offers innovative programmes, events, resources and an online community, to support the future pipeline of talent, into the NHS and the wider healthcare sector in the UK. The idea of Generation Medics began following years struggling to find effective careers support, advice, and guidance for people from diverse backgrounds.

Generation Medics was founded to help people believe that they could aspire to more and achieve their potential.

The need for Generation Medics was evident throughout Hinnah’s lived experiences, as she grew up in a deprived area with one of the lowest progressions to higher education in the UK. For most of her peers the possibility of further education was out of reach and like many of her colleagues from state-schools, the advice she received from teachers was to adjust their dreams to something more attainable for someone from their background.

Hinnah understood that when people can get into good quality stable employment, they can make healthier choices, improve their health and that of their families, neighbourhoods, and communities. Generation Medics also bases activities around common health topics that are improving health literacy of those from disadvantaged backgrounds whilst also helping to improve social mobility.

”The simple truth of the situation before Generation Medics was this: people from wealthier backgrounds were afforded the support, advice and information they needed to make informed decisions about their future, whereas those from other backgrounds weren’t.

On the surface my innovation might seem simple, but its disruptive impact to a system which is fundamentally flawed is improving the lives of our patients, our future colleagues and society as a whole. We are the first organisation to connect current healthcare professionals and trainees to local communities through proven programmes which leverage the latest technology.’’

Dr Hinnah Rafique – Doctor and Founder of Generation Medics

Over the past eight years, the team have developed expertise in supporting some of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged, and underrepresented groups through local hubs centred in communities, including homeless adults, refugees, asylum seekers, BAME communities, young carers, ex-offenders, traveller communities, people with learning disabilities or mental health/ behavioural issues and children from low-income homes.


  • Since inception Generation Medics have supported over 33,000 people.
  • 90% of their work is based in deprived communities.
  • Generation Medics have over 14,000 healthcare professionals/ trainees signed up as GMX volunteers,
  • 70% of the schools who work with Generation Medics have not had specific support for their aspiring healthcare professionals before.

The team works with local areas to tailor the in-person and online services they offer to the needs of the local population. This includes lunch/after-school clubs, local taster days, holiday programmes, training and conferences (regional/national/international), a fully developed virtual healthcare academy (online platform) for young people and adults, and 100 plus hours of blogs, guides, videos, ecourses and quizzes. They also deliver live workshops, peer forums and their structured immersive digital NHS work experience programme. Complementing the offering, they also have skills mappers to map existing skills to new roles in healthcare, roadmaps detailing routes into roles and progression opportunities.

”Alex is 55 years old, was unemployed for over 4 years, had been experiencing homelessness after developing mental health issues and was an ex-offender. He wanted to work in healthcare but thought that his circumstances meant that he couldn’t. After 2 months of support from our team, he has been successful in securing a job as a porter at his local hospital, which is the first step to help him out of temporary accommodation and off benefits”

Generation Medics Beneficiary Story (To read more stories, please click here)

The benefits of Generation Medics include:

  • The beneficiaries have been able to connect with real healthcare professionals and current students/trainees so they can develop their understanding of what careers in the NHS would entail and the training they’d need to pursue such careers.
  • Reduced social isolation for people which in turn reduces the likelihood of long-term effects after lockdown.
  • Increased network – students can join a peer support network that’s UK-wide allowing them to connect in to local and national opportunities.
  • Improved health literacy as beneficiaries take part in live training, activities and e-courses related to specific conditions.

‘’We are working with people who are on the edges of community, who may not otherwise get support. Whether that is refugees, ex-offenders, people with mental health issues or behavioural issues, we are transforming lives and the NHS, creating a sustainable recruitment solution.’’

Dr Hinnah Rafique- Doctor and Founder of Generation Medics

Being part of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme (NHS CEP) provided Hinnah with some validation that Generation Medics’ work is needed and has opened doors to help scale the impact outside of the existing customer base and embed it within the healthcare sector.

Thanks to the NHS CEP connections, the team were able to deliver the UK’s largest Free Aspiring Health and Care Professionals Conference for over 2500 state-school pupils, teachers, and parents in Summer 2019. The event provided many young people with the tools to plan for a future career working within healthcare.

Additionally, the programme has provided opportunities for Hinnah to showcase Generation Medics to a national and international stage and be a part of a community of like-minded peers and supporters with high-level support from leaders within the NHS.

”It’s a great programme, whether you have an intrapreneurial, social enterprise or entrepreneurial idea the NHS CEP can support you”

Dr Hinnah Rafique- Doctor and Founder of Generation Medics

Reflecting on the past 8 years, Hinnah shared some important advice for innovators, including, ensure you are looking after your own mental health and wellbeing; you do not need to say yes to every opportunity and trust in your authenticity and impact. Systemic change takes time, and it won’t happen overnight so pace yourself. Know the problem you’re trying to solve inside out and speak to those you’re trying to impact. Make sure you have a good support network because they will be crucial when things will undoubtedly don’t go to plan or take longer than expected.

Looking to the future

The team have successfully launched their adult’s programme and are looking to scale and grow their complimentary online provision into further regions.

Generation Medics continues to provide access to unbiased and up-to-date information, advice, support, and networks, to allow individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their potential.

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