A new tool which increases patient safety by improving clarity and communication of important medical findings.

RADARR aims to provide a safety net for new and unsuspected diagnosis.

  • A solution which offers a cheaper and more efficient alternative to other alert and messaging tools within the NHS.
  • Supports communication within healthcare teams, to improve patient safety and reduce the impact of litigation on the NHS.  
  • The app reduces reliance on paper and fax, improving environmental sustainability.   

Dr Pathak is a Consultant Radiologist, medical expert and founder who enrolled onto the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme in 2022.

Launched in 2023, RADARR – Rapid Access to Diagnostics, Reports & Referrals facilitates communication of unexpected, critical or urgent findings by creating an actionable medical PDF incorporating high quality imaging that can be shared instantly with other medical professionals on any device. The all-in-one desktop app aims to reduce the time taken from diagnosis to management by bypassing outdated and error prone systems such as bleeps and phones.

RADARR is a web-based tool which aims to ease the process of connecting medical professionals with their patient’s reports and referrals. 

RADARR was built in response to the national challenge of information delivery and patient follow-up within the NHS. As an expert witness Dr Pathak has seen the consequences when communications systems fail and is on a mission to improve them.

Dr Pathak explored the evidence, identifying that a Royal College of Radiologist audit found only 34% of radiology departments have an alert system in place, with even fewer having facilities for tracking reports. Additionally, data from the National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA) demonstrated that the cost of litigation has increased from £400 million in 2006 to £1.6 billion in 2016, with the described impact of delayed diagnosis leading to significant harm.

RADARR was then designed to include virtual multi-disciplinary team (MDT) proformas where different specialities can input, edit and share medical information, allowing tailored patient management and easing the process of interdisciplinary referrals. Additionally, it has the capability of integrating diagnostic quality video (of CTs & MRIs) into a PDF that can be shared safely between medical professionals.

According to Dr Pathak, medical imaging within healthcare can encounter difficulties around quality and can be prone to error. RADARR aims to improve quality by allowing cropping of diagnostic resolution imaging highlighting the abnormality to be viewed with greater accuracy. In addition, this data can be shared on mobile devices increasing ease of access

RADARR is designed to:

  • Provide an alert and acknowledgement system for critical, urgent and unexpected significant findings.
  • Provide a range of medical proformas (e.g. virtual MDT proformas) supporting clear recommendations on management.
  • Alert multiple members of a team with shared responsibility via NHS approved messaging Apps ensuring acknowledgement and appropriate action.
  • Provide a safety net for every new or unsuspected cancer diagnosis.
  • Provide standardised reporting templates with prompts for further management and acknowledgement.
  • Utilise modern methods of communication and messaging apps.
  • Adhere to GDPR/ Data Protection Act requirements.

‘’I found my tribe- I could continue my clinical work and develop my innovation simultaneously.’’

By sharing inspiring founders’ stories, providing mentoring opportunities and facilitating key connections the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme has helped Dr Pathak develop RADARR for the healthcare environment.

‘’The start-up environment can be tough and challenging, it is so helpful to have a mentor who can pick you up, dust you off and help you back into the ring- having someone in your corner is priceless. 

The CEP has put me in touch with the NHS innovation service who have opened the door to a wealth of support including UCLPartners, NIHR and Barts Life Sciences- an amazing and invaluable resource for all clinical entrepreneurs. 

By definition if you work in the NHS, you are an innovator. The NHS CEP will equip you with the knowledge, contacts, and expertise to take your innovation further. The NHS is a national treasure, something to be proud of but it is massive, it will drown under its own weight unless we identify and resolve the issues that are making it sink.’’ 

Dr Pathak

Looking to the future

RADARRs initial trials were successful, and the next steps are for the free app to be officially launched on the 16th of January at www.radarr.app.  

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