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Oliver and Company have been an NHS CEP programme partner since 2018 and provide expertise on topics such as ‘Understanding and navigating the NHS’ and Leadership development

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Oliver & Company provides leadership development, bespoke facilitation of meetings or events to achieve specific aims and one-to-one executive coaching. We have the privilege of working right across the NHS and care system. This includes work at national, system and local levels and increasingly with mixed groups of health and care professionals from general practice, hospital, mental health and community services, social care and the voluntary sector in the same room! We are proud to have a team of people who have substantial experience of both working in and with the NHS and related health and care organisations.

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The team at Oliver and Company

We have been supporting the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Scheme for about 5 years and annually provide teaching on how the health and care system fits together and the direction of travel at the start of each year’s scheme. We also provide pro- bono mentorship to Clinical Entrepreneurs and for the first time this year, have provided the leadership development element of the new national HEE sponsored programme for Health Innovators and Clinical Entrepreneurs.

‘It is a delight to help the CEPs turn their ideas into reality by helping them to navigate their way around the NHS system effectively to really make a difference to patients. Their energy is palpable and great for us to be around too!’

Judy Oliver- Managing Director Oliver and Company and NHS CEP Mentor

Our work has always been about supporting improvements and innovations in the way the health and care system works by being better at planning and implementing change and transition, providing tools for strategic thinking and bringing about the necessary culture change to enable innovation to be successfully embedded. People do not get well because of structures; they get well because of high quality conversations and relationships between health and care professionals and the users of our services. So our principle focus is on helping multi-disciplinary and multi-agency partnerships to be the best they can be.

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The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme is supported by over 60 partners, Oliver and Company are one such partners. They help support, shape, and develop the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Our partner network provides opportunities for our Clinical Entrepreneurs including internships, access to NHS test and evaluation sites, academic and commercial, knowledge exchange and connection to customers.


Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.