Innovation featured in the Department of International Trade’s digital health playbook.

MyRenalCare, a digital health solution created by Clinical Entrepreneur Programme participant Dr Nicholas Sangala could help revolutionise how chronic kidney disease is managed globally. 

  • Featured in the 2022 Department of International Trade’s playbook of Top British Digital Health Companies
  • MyRenalCare educates, engages and empowers patients to better self-manage
  • Over 98% of patients recommend using MyRenalCare, 92% say it is easy to use
Dr Nicholas Sangala

MyRenalCare created by a Doctor at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust is featured in the Department of International Trade’s new playbook of Top British digital health companies. The solution for chronic kidney disease is a global first and was created collaboratively with Portsmouth Hospital and its patients with the support of Kidney Care UK and Portsmouth University. 

Chronic kidney disease is a global problem estimated to impact 10% of the global population and growing 8% a year. 56% of patients who have it report it has an extreme impact on their quality of life. In the UK alone it is estimated to lead to 45,000 premature deaths per year and 100,000 hospitalisations, with the total cost to the NHS estimated to be approximately £1.45bn. Current management practices for the majority of patients involve face to face appointments with their doctor several times a year. In the face of growing demand, capacity constraints and growing costs this approach is unsustainable and is delivering sub-optimal health outcomes. 

MyRenalCare revolutionises how chronic kidney disease is managed by educating, engaging and empowering patients to better self-manage their condition with the support of their clinical team. It does this by providing patients unique animated education videos, enables them to self-monitor their condition against personalised goals and proactively contact their clinical team if they feel unwell. In parallel their clinical team can access this data remotely and conduct 100% virtual consultations, no phone calls or video calls which can be conducted any time any where. It not only takes far less time than face to face appointments, it allows clinicians to make better decisions with more data. For the NHS this new approach significantly increases capacity, reduces costs and improves health outcomes, whilst also delivering against the goal of a net zero NHS. MyRenalCare is the only digital health solution globally that caters for all stages of chronic kidney disease, all types of renal replacement therapy and transplant. 

“The Clinical Entrepreneur Programme has played a key role in the success of MyRenalCare. The mentoring and encouragement has been invaluable”.

Dr Nicholas Sangala. 

MyRenalCare was created by Dr Nicholas Sangala who is passionate about improving the lives of his patients and sought to create a solution that put patients in the driving seat of their condition, rather playing a passive role in their renal journey.  

Over 98% of patients recommend using MyRenalCare, 92% say it is easy to use and 60% feel more engaged in their renal health.  

“ MyRenalCare is basically the future of long term condition management. It’s like looking into a crystal ball and seeing where we will be in ten years time” 

Steve Duffield, Renal General Manager, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust. 

MyRenalCare is actively inviting more patients in Wessex to use the platform with the support of an NHS X grant and Kidney Care UK and looking to scale nationally.

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Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.