Entrepreneur launches new app to support child health

Clinical Entrepreneur Tim Allardyce, founder of ‘Rehab Me’ and ‘Rehab My Patient’ launches new innovation.

  • Created three innovations
  • Exercise prescription software
  • Used in over 20 NHS Hospitals and over 500 GP surgeries

Tim Allardyce, owner of Hoop Health, is an NHS First Contact Physiotherapist, Private Provider and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur.

As Clinical Director at The Surrey Physio Group, Tim led the development of ‘Rehab Me’ and Rehab My Patient’ with a specialist team of Physios. Additionally, Tim has been a physiotherapist at 6 Olympic games with a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and a Bachelors in Osteopathy 

My mission is to help as many people as possible through my innovations and businesses

Overall, MSK problems make up to 1 in 5 primary care consultations and 10% of GP referrals. The team have a mission to help as many people as possible by reducing the workload and cost to the NHS, to deliver MSK services in a more innovative way. Additionally, the tools support upskilling of the GP workforce through access to appropriate specialist MSK knowledge, advice, and treatment resources. 

‘Rehab My Patient’ is an intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software for physiotherapists, with over 5000 different exercises with HD videos which can be accessed on computer, tablet, or phone. The solution is currently used in over 20 NHS Trusts, with more than 2,100,000 exercise plans sent to patients.  

‘Rehab Me’ enables GP’s and First Contact Practitioners to signpost patients to relevant, evidence-based advice and treatment plans to help them self- rehabilitate from a wide range of MSK issues or injuries. This can be accessed via an online website or downloadable App. The solution fills the gap between the First Contact Practitioner and referring to Physiotherapy. 

“You will be told “no” many times, but just keep trying. If you believe in your product enough, then keep going with it. Failure is frequent, and its ok to fail – just bounce back and try something slightly different.”  

Tim Allardyce – Founder of ‘Rehab Me, ‘Rehab My Patient and CEO of Hoop

Tim is excited to announce that his innovation; ‘Hoop’ (www.hoop.co.uk)is being relaunched in August 2022. Hoop is an app that helps parents and kids to find healthy activities, classes, and events. This encourages children to move away from screens, get out of the house and be active.  

‘Hoop is set to become the biggest kid’s events app in the UK!’ 

The next stage on the journey is to develop ‘Hoop’ into a national app for parents to get their kids out of the house.  

“We’re seeing increased levels of obesity and significant growing mental health issues”, says Tim. “We must educate and support parents by helping them to encourage their children to do activities like running, cycling, walking, sailing and craft. Children respond well being close to nature, outside and exercising. This means less screen-time and less social media.

Hoop (www.hoop.co.uk) is an innovative and brilliant app that allows parents to find local classes, events and camps for their children. We know from research that kid’s who get outside and exercise have less physical and mental health issues. Research also shows us that this can help them not just now, but in the future.

Tim says: “Hoop will be the largest kid’s events app in the UK, and my goal is to help tens of thousands of children find a quicker, easier route to activity and exercise.”

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme has supported Tim with personality assessments, funding lectures, one-to-one time with experts including financial, legal, medical advice and general support from the people involved in the programme. Tim encourages anyone looking to apply for the programme to ‘’Apply – don’t even think twice. Just do it.’’  

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Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.