Our Entrepreneurs: Richard Mayne

Meet #OurEntrepreneurs. Introducing Richard Mayne a GP from Northern Ireland.

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I work clinically as a GP as well as undertaking research in sedentary behaviour and physical activity. I am developing innovative solutions to help people to be less sedentary and more physically active in order to live longer, happier and healthier lives. 

Name: Richard Mayne, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Cohort 6

Occupation: GP Northern Ireland

Why did you apply to the programme and what are you looking forward to? 

I heard about the programme through the HSC R&D email bulletin. I decided to apply as I am keen to see how I can take my idea further by establishing connections in the healthcare sector both inside and outside of the NHS.  

I am looking forward to learning of exciting new innovations in healthcare and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds who share my passion for trying to make the world a healthier place. 

Tell us about your innovation  

My start-up idea is all about helping desk-based workers to be less sedentary and more physically active.

I am a GP based in Northern Ireland with specialist interests in lifestyle, sport and exercise medicine. I have been researching sedentary behaviour and physical activity among doctors working in primary healthcare and found that they were spending a lot of time sitting down. Unfortunately, excessive sedentary behaviour is associated with many health issues and increased all-cause mortality.  

What motivates you? 

I am passionate about helping people to sit less and move more so that they can live longer, happier and healthier lives. 

What ambitions do you have for the next year? 

I am undertaking a diploma in lifestyle medicine and developing specialist skills in musculoskeletal medicine.  

Why do you think innovation is important in healthcare? 

The health system is under huge pressure across the UK, and particularly in Northern Ireland. I feel we need innovative solutions to ensure a culture shift away from focusing mainly on the downstream consequences of unhealthy lifestyles and to instead think more upstream about dealing with the causes of ill health. Prevention is better than cure! 

How can we find out more?

For more information, please feel free to contact me on social media or you can read my blog https://themovingmedic.net/

Richard is part of our Northern Ireland Cohort for 2022. The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme is proud to be working in partnership with HIRANI and Invest NI to extend the programme to healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland. To find out more please get in touch.


Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.