Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland (HIRANI)

HIRANI is a Health and Life Sciences cluster organisation established in Northern Ireland in 2019 and a NHS Clinical Entrepreneur International Programme Partner. HIRANI provide leadership to align Northern Ireland’s health and life science ecosystem with the UK life sciences vision.

HIRANI work in partnership with Northern Irish health and social care institutions, Invest NI, Queens University Belfast, Ulster University, 17 life science institutes and over 300 local companies.
They have developed a cohesive narrative for Northern Ireland, that identifies key opportunities focused on the high growth potential technology areas of precision diagnostics and data integration, digital health and wearables, and advanced pharmaceutical delivery systems.

HIRANI is also working to leverage Northern Ireland’s unique advantages of agility, working across an integrated health and care system, and direct access to both UK and EU markets.
NI has had an electronic Health record since 2014. It’s size means it is exceptionally well-connected, and with a border to the EU, this means that it has a broad reach to understand and pilot solutions in a small, well-connected but diverse test-bed.

Joann Rhodes – Chief Executive, Health Innovation Research Alliance – Northern Ireland 

“It is so important to enable learning and mentorship for clinical entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland. To unlock their expertise to help understand the challenges facing patients and the health service and support them co-design solutions for service transformation and innovation. 
They will become ambassadors in this region, working in partnership with health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, HIRANI and Invest-NI.” 
Joann Rhodes – Chief Executive, Health Innovation Research Alliance – Northern Ireland 

HIRANI will provide support to the NHS CEP by providing mentors and hosting a Pitstop in Innovation City Belfast later in 2022. Introduce the whole cohort to their deeptech and digital entrepreneur sector and arrange tours and connections with the strong diagnostics industry such as Diaceutics, Randox, Almac, Cumulus Neuroscience, to make valuable connections and grow their network.

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The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme is supported by over 60 partners, HIRANI are one such partners. They help support, shape, and develop the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Our partner network provides opportunities for our Clinical Entrepreneurs including internships, access to NHS test and evaluation sites, academic and commercial, knowledge exchange and connection to customers.

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Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.