Jasmeen Islam – Deputy Chief Pharmacist – Strategy & Innovation

Jasmeen Islam is Deputy Chief Pharmacist of Strategy & Innovation and Deputy Associate Director of Medicines Management at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and became an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur in 2018

According to research, people with Serious Mental Illness die on average 25 years earlier than the general population, most commonly due to physical health reasons. Jasmeen Islam is leading the development of a prescribing and monitoring dashboard. Working with a team of partners to improve care for people taking antipsychotic medication through reduction of physical health risks and side effects. The ambition is to improve health outcomes and improve the monitoring of side effects, with longer term ambitions for predictive analytics.

Jasmeen Islam- Deputy Chief Pharmacist of Strategy & Innovation

Since joining the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme in 2018, Jasmeen and her team have created a prototype. Further development has been possible through insights from the NHS Digital Academy & Imperial College London as well as a field-based initiative with Yale University Global Leadership Initiative.

Jasmeen comments; “I feel that these three programmes are very much synergistic and complemented each other well, providing me with a greater depth and breadth of knowledge of digital health and associated fields such as artificial intelligence and user centred design. The approach has also helped with work I am involved in with the trust associated with learning disability and preventable harm from medicines, of which I have co-authored a paper published in the BMJ Open in August 2021.”

The next stage is a collaborative open innovation approach with a large Global Health Information Technology Company. The work has commenced with analytics for clozapine prescribing, and this is being expanded to a wider footprint over the next 12 months, and for more antipsychotics in the class of medications. The prototype is being tested and refined in Trust Specialist Mental Health Out-patient Clinics. The ambition is to develop a two-way portal for communication between patients and clinicians using this digital system.

When discussing the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme Jasmeen says; “The programme has increased my knowledge of bringing entrepreneurship into the NHS as well as giving me opportunities to be involved in assessment of funding or recognition awards.”

Jasmeen has been a Clinical Assessor for the UK Space Agency, which looks at converting technology originally designed for space into medical applications to improve NHS treatment and care.

Since joining the programme, Jasmeen has also been a Judge for other National Awards associated with innovation in mental health and has been awarded a high commendation for Services to Medicine as part of the British Muslim Awards.

Since being on the programme, my portfolio at the Trust has been expanded to lead on Strategy and Innovation for medicines; I am now also one of the Trust’s Clinical Safety Officers for Digital Health. Additionally, I have undertaken a 6- month programme of experiential learning as Interim Chief Scientific Officer for Gendius, a Med-Tech company, specialising in diabetes, which gave me significant, valuable and very positive insight into the world of start-ups in Med- Tech”.

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Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.