The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme is supported by over 60 partners, from industry and NHS Trusts to charities.
Convenet is a technology company, founded by Chris Turner, a former NHS Clinical Entrepreneur.

Convenet provide convenient NHS integration APIs. The company worked for over 5 years establishing a system that would integrate with NHS primary care systems. It is now used by businesses of all sizes – from new start-ups to large UK healthcare providers – to build products for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Convenet APIs help start-ups accelerate development of their products and enable larger businesses to quickly achieve interoperability with NHS systems. Their long-term goal is to empower companies to build scalable NHS integrated products and services that ultimately improve the healthcare experience for all.

Convenet is the second company Chris Turner has started since his involvement in the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Joining the programme in 2017, as the first pharmacist, Chris co-launched Dimec. Dimec was an app which allowed users to see real time copies of their prescription, place orders and allow prescriptions to be delivered to an address of their choice. Dimec was acquired in 2018 by the Co-op Group and relaunched as Co-op Health.

As a partner, Convenet support our entrepreneurs by providing knowledge and experience of NHS integration in primary care. pharmacy and medical supply chains. Chris is also supporting the next generation of Clinical Entrepreneurs as a mentor on the programme.

“Having previously been a part of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme and having a great experience during that time, the moment we registered our new business we knew we wanted to become a partner.”

Chris Turner – Convenet

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Convenet are one of our valued programme partners. They help support, shape and develop the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Our partner network provides opportunities for our Clinical Entrepreneurs including internships, access to NHS test and evaluation sites, academic and commercial, knowledge exchange and connection to customers.

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Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.