Ash Kalraiya – MediShout

Ash Kalraiya is an Orthopaedic Surgeon training at Imperial College London. While he has worked in the NHS for a decade, his passion for trauma and “fixing broken bones” has also taken him to work in South Africa and Malawi, where he operated as a World Orthopaedic Concern Fellow.

Ash Kalraiya

Ash founded MediShout ( after witnessing hospital logistical and operational problems preventing best patient care, for example, when he had to cancel operations due to a broken theatre light bulb or had an anaesthetised patient waiting whilst he fixed a faulty printer. MediShout solves such problems by providing the world’s first mobile App for healthcare staff to instantly report any operational issue. Furthermore, smart-data collection enables healthcare organisations to see which issues are most impacting care, so these can be fixed first, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms predict future problems.

“I’ve been on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme since its first year and it has helped immeasurably. The early pit-stops were great for learning; on things like IP, legal knowledge and fund-raising. The mentors have helped put MediShout on a successful commercial path and prevented me from making huge mistakes! The programme’s support has been vital for wellbeing as well as business. Plus the network has helped us land our biggest contracts to date. Any clinician with even a small idea should apply; you will learn loads, have your eyes opened and if you really want to make an impact in healthcare then this programme will help you achieve that.”

Ash Kalraiya

Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.