Dr Michael Watts – Blüm Health

Dr Michael Watts is a Junior Doctor and co-founder of Blüm Health, a software development company with the sole goal to connect healthcare excellence with technological innovation, accelerating the transition to a world filled with digital health solutions. 

During Michael’s early years as a medical student and Junior Doctor, he discovered countless opportunities to improve the patient journey, which in turn would improve patient care and ultimately their outcomes. Together with a group of UX/UI specialists and experienced software developers, Michael and the team have been working with NHS Trusts, Universities undertaking medical research, and allied health service providers to deliver process-enhancing technology to reduce the economic burden of current service provision.

“The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program has allowed health care professionals at all levels to break the historical barriers of bringing about system-wide change. Personally, it has been a fantastic opportunity to surround myself with like-minded people whose ultimate aim is to create valuable solutions to the problems we see on a daily basis. The vast amount of knowledge and experience you absorb from speakers and fellow CEnt’s only better enables achieving the goals you set out to accomplish, and I am now able to make this happen through multiple collaborations with this fantastic group of people.”

DR Michael Watts

Blüm Health are now expanding their team and have managed to successfully self-fund their seed round to date, and they now look forward to focusing on more internal, large scale projects.

Published by Lucy Dentice

Deputy Programme Manager for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.