MSE Innovation Fellowship 2023 cohort announced!

The Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust (MSE) founded the MSE Innovation Fellowship, to help improve patient care by encouraging and supporting its innovators to develop, test and advance new healthcare ideas. This year, 19 clinical and non-clinical, internal and external innovators have been chosen to join the cohort 2023/24 fellowship, which includes 8Continue reading “MSE Innovation Fellowship 2023 cohort announced!”

AI aims to improve access to NHS appointments.

Deep Medical uses artificial intelligence to understand human behaviour, create efficient services, and challenge health inequality. Dr Benyamin Deldar is a Junior Doctor, Co-Founder at Deep Medical, and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. Founded in 2020, Deep Medical aims to optimise clinician time and improve patient experiences by predicting non- attendance to appointments, to get more peopleContinue reading “AI aims to improve access to NHS appointments.”