The Health Innovation Placement Pilot

The Health Innovation Placement (HIP) pilot is a new Health Education England Digital Readiness Programme offering which is aligned with the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme delivered by Anglia Ruskin University

The pilot started in February 2022 with 20 NHS leaders and managers joining the programme. Read the press release

What is the offer? 

HIP is a new personal development offering for NHS leaders at every level. It is designed to improve digital skills, knowledge, understanding and awareness across the NHS workforce.

The HIP aims to improve participants’ understanding of digital development to enable them to lead, improve and transform the healthcare system by extracting the maximum opportunities from technology.

The commitment is part-time and will include access to a number of offerings throughout the year including over 100 hours of direct education events. with complementary workshops / masterclasses; placement time in SMEs; tailored leadership training; and support from a range of mentors.

The HIP pilot is designed to:

  • Bring a new mind set to addressing NHS transformation challenges.
  • Enthuse people to embrace digital solutions as the norm.
  • Generate ideas to take back into day-to-day working through learning from practice and experimentation.
  • Create a network of leaders dedicated to driving change from within and who are well-equipped to do so.
  • Form an effective health and care innovation ecosystem with opportunities to work with and learn from external organisations.
  • Provide the skills and knowledge to support future career development.

What do you learn?

The pilot launched in January 2022 aims to:

  • Commercial awareness and ability to identify and define commercial opportunities. 
  • Ability to identify opportunities in a clinical setting that can improve care and quality. 
  • Ability to think critically, reactively and innovatively. 
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mind and think like an entrepreneur. 
  • How to work with others in a constantly changing environment to solve problems. 
  • Recognising ideas that have patient impact. 
  • Having patient impact at the heart of all idea creation. 
  • Understanding of how innovation can influence how you work. 

Twenty successful individual were recruited to the year long programme in February 2022.

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